Looking to improve your running form in  just 80 seconds! This new gait and form video by U.K. barefoot running coach Lee Saxby, who closely works with VivoBarefoot, will help. Watch and learn, as Saxby offers a jazz musician’s rhythmic tempo-touch to a runner’s cadence on the treadmill: “1,2,1,2,1,2,3,4…”  According to Saxby, “As your skill develops and becomes a more ‘subconscious’ activity your technique should become increasingly relaxed. Inappropriate muscle activity is inefficient and leads to injury. Relaxed, skillful technique is the sign of a master of any sport and barefoot running is no exception.”

For runners, here’s what you want:

“Torso leads the way
Don’t look down
Feet under body not in front
Land specifically on ball of foot.”

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