Free downloadable eBook from VIVOBarefoot and written by world-renowned U.K. barefoot running coach Lee Saxby.With forewords from Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run and Harvard University’s “Barefoot Professor” Daniel Lieberman. The eBook delivers  step-by-step guide to reducing injury and reawakening the innate skill of running, and demystifies proprioception, the secret to optimum performance. Topics covered:

1. We Have Forgotten How To Run. Our evolutionary success as humans is directly related to our ability to run. But that natural talent isn’t foolproof; 50 years of padded running shoes and poor posture mean about 80% of runners suffer from injury every year.

2. The Human Foot Is An Evolutionary Masterpiece. With its complex system of springs, levers and nerve endings, the foot is one of the body’s major sensory organs. Humans are naturally good at walking, running and sprinting. Jogging, or, slow, sticky heel-striking in padded shoes is not a natural movement and is responsible for countless runners’ injuries.

3. Proprioception: Our Sixth Sense. Proprioception is the sense of our body’s position and orientation. We use this sense to move and the more feedback, the better the movement. About 70% of that feedback comes via pressure receptors, mostly located in the feet. The human foot needs protection, but thick, shock-absorbing soles greatly reduce sensory feedback and therefore limit the quality of movement.

4.Footwear That Makes Sense. To run ‘barefoot’ is your default setting, but to do this in today’s world, you need a shoe that gives a balanced, unrestricted and protected experience, while also allowing maximum sensory feedback between your feet and your brain – from sole to soul.

5. Re-awaken Your Innate Barefoot Running Skill. You have the hardware, but you’ve forgotten the software. Re-building your barefoot running technique will take time, particularly if you’ve been wearing padded footwear all your life.

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