Merrell: Barefoot Running Technique

One might ask, and with good reason, why would a footwear company promote “barefoot running?” Isn’t it in the business of selling running and walking shoes? But Merrell has taken a progressive approach with both footwear and form, a marriage made widely evident with its new Barefoot Running line.

Exaggerated heel-striking,slow leg turnover, and over-striding are all big no-no’s. Yet that’s what the majority of runners end up doing with conventional running shoes that have large heels and thick, padded cushioning on the soles. Go barefoot, however, and running form improves as if something magically has just occurred. That magic is simple allowing nature and the human body do what is should be doing: midfoot striking, faster leg turnover, better posture, and less tendency to overstride. In the following video, running coach Walt Reynolds gives a splendid demonstration of barefoot running technique…in his zero-drop Merrell’s.

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  1. Robert Chenier says:

    should we use the same technique for speed walking or nordic walking? Though in nordic walking the use of poles is involved.

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