Saucony: “Stepping Into Minimalism – What To Know”

If someone asks you, “please define minimalism,” then Zero Drop highly recommends that you point them in this direction of this two-minute video by Spencer White, who is the director of the Biomechanics Lab at Saucony. He expertly explains minimalist footwear and some of the things you should think about before taking the less-is-more leap. White’s cogent explanation is like the greatest elevator pitch you will ever hear about something new and exciting.

One Response to “Saucony: “Stepping Into Minimalism – What To Know””

  1. Gerard Woods says:

    Hi I’m transitioning into minimalist running due to ongoing tendon issues in one foot and fallen metatarsal in the other. I have been unable to run for 3 months. I am working with a physiotherapist who is very familiar with this type of running. i am trying to find the right shoe for my foot and have tried numerous and the most comfortable is the saucony triumph 9. I have flat feet and usually take 4e in an Asics. Does this sound like a good shoe for me or should i be trying something like the mirage. I appreciate your input Thanks Gerard

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