Greetings from NRC Director Mark Cucuzzella

Welcome to  the Natural Running Center. Our overall message is simple: Learn, Evolve, Run! With the information, education, and expert advice you will find on this site, it’s our hope and mission that all runners, beginners or veterans, fast or slow, the formerly injured or those hoping to get back in the game, will learn about the health and performance benefits of minimalist, natural, and even barefoot running.  On the educational front, it’s  also our responsibility to be as neutral and impartial as possible with our recommendations and knowledge that we will be sharing. These are exciting times in the footwear, sports medicine, and running world. The Natural Running Center hopes to makes sense of all this “newness,” and provide a safe, injury-free path for runners everywhere.

2 Responses to “Greetings from NRC Director Mark Cucuzzella”

  1. Eric Jones says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you so much for attending me at Jefferson Hospital last week. Your reinforcement of Dave Didden’s methods and guidance were much appreciated.
    People (Doctors) like you can really make a positive difference in the health care model we live by. I do hope we stay in touch, and with Dave around too I know I’ll make all my goals if I listen! You are Yoda. Adrenaline sucks unless you really need it (bear attacks and such).

    • MarkC says:

      thanks Eric. you are restoring your health despite a difficult challenge. I am definitely not Yoda….have learned lots from others and from understanding the science of health. Be well.



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