by Mark Cucuzzella, M.D.  My six-year-old daughter taught me this drill  and I became immediately aware that this was the perfect practice to create rhythm, balance, posture –and most importantly prevent overstriding.  Jumping rope as a drill helps wake up elastic recoil and rhythm.  You always land aligned and balanced.  When you add a little lean and start moving you start running.  Perfect form is what she is doing in this short video. Done right, you almost don’t even know the rope is there. If you are overstriding, however, and your natural elastic recoil, cadence, or posture is not correct, then you will get tangled in the rope.

I’ve taught this how-to-prevent-overstriding drill to several adults. After a few stumbles and tangles, they get it and the rhythm and feel locks in.  A perfect learning cue and it is fun!

To do the drill, start be jumping rope in place on both feet. Get the nice rhythm and elastic recoil feeling. Then add a little lean and start running gently. Do not jump!  The motion is passive and elastic. If you are having difficulty, ask a child to show you how it’s done.