Trinity Outruns Agent Brown in “The Matrix”: Gait Guys at the Movies

The Gait Guys take a close look at Trinity’s running form with Agent Brown in close pursuit. See how and why she supinates–and what this means in terms of your own footstriking and gait.

3 Responses to “Trinity Outruns Agent Brown in “The Matrix”: Gait Guys at the Movies”

  1. boneshaker011 says:

    Well done. You just made my day and you made the Matrix even more awesome.

  2. That’s a great vid – obviously I always thought it was the compression pants (hubba hubba). I have a ‘running failure’ story that this evaluation reminded me. I went to sports orth’ surgeon asking ‘why do i get shin splints’? He said after x-rays that I have ‘bowed tibias’. He said take up cycling because one treatment is to break the tibias and let them heal straight.

    i cycled for years and later ‘happened’ to find out that i was heel striking. I converted to a midfoot footstrike and have ran several ultras since. I’m a few seconds from being BQ in marathon and counting.

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