Barefoot Angie Bee and Her Four Boys

A short, sweet video with Barefoot Angie Bee and her four boys. Her oldest son Samson taught himself how to play the ukulele and created the soundtrack. Angie Bee, who is a VIVOBAREFOOT certified barefoot running coach, is also a new contributor and member of the Natural Running Center advisory board.

6 Responses to “Barefoot Angie Bee and Her Four Boys”

  1. Rachelle says:

    How sweet. This is timeless! There seems to be a theme occurring on the NRC. Freedom, play and an open spirit are all part of being good, healthy runners. Thank you for sharing this, Angie. You have a lovely family.

  2. Dr. Mark says:

    Great video Angie Bee. I’m one of 4 boys and we always spent the summer barefoot. we all became very fast runners too…i’m sure this helped. The 4 of us ran a marathon relay in 2:20 about 20 years ago. We all still run and maybe we’ll take up that challenge again.
    Welcome to the NRC,

    • Angie Bee says:

      Wow Mark! How cool to be one of four boys.
      I definitely think its time you all get together for some running!
      Thank you very much for the welcome. I am very pleased to be a part of the NRC.

      • MarkC says:

        Angie Bee,

        They are all embracing barefoot running now after the standard trial of injuries. Did two 13 mile country road runs barefoot in NH with my younger brother Neil…he took his shoes off at the end and gets it. Older brother doing barefoot too after femoral stress fracture.

        Maybe i’ll get them all to NYC barefoot run.


  3. Lovely video! Timeless, indeed – particularly the scene on the play horse (could have been from the 50s). Your boys are delightful, Angie – and it was great to hear the ukulele!

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