‪Barefoot Running with the Kids‬

Two Rivers Treads and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella present a short, high-energy video of barefoot running in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

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  1. Angie Bee says:

    LOVE THIS!!! They are having so much fun which is exactly the point!

  2. Great video Mark. Pure freedom powered by bare feet!
    So often when we speak of natural running we remember what it was like to run around as a child – this video brings that memory to life.

    • MarkC says:

      Thanks Dave and Angie Bee for the kind words. Yes kids were designed to run this way…we should not assume a thick protective shoe is helpful.


  3. Tom says:

    I have been watching the kids run around barefoot, and it is amazing how strong their feet get, and how independent of shoes they become. But now that they are heading back to school, and the temps begin to drop, they are going to need shoes for cross-country. They train on sidewalks and run in woods and fields. Does anyone have any recommendations for what they need for shoes? I don’t think my 12 yo can wear men’s sizes yet – he wears either a boys 6 or 7. Taking a cue from the TRT site, I was thinking about trying to see if he would fit in the Brooks Mach 13 spikeless.

    • MarkC says:

      Brooks Mach 13 is great shoe and at 60 bucks a deal. it is like the old school XC flats from the 70’s and 80’s. We are getting Merrell Barefoot Big Kids also. for younger kids VivoBarefoot Kids are great.
      Thanks for the comment.

      Dr. Mark

  4. Big Smiles crossed my face. They make it look so easy and natural. Thank you for making this video

  5. Alan says:

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  6. DPatterson says:

    There is little argument that barefoot running has musculoskeletal and physiological benefits for adults as well as children, especially froma prevention view point. Many of the benefits simply come with the adoption of a different running technique that is less injurious to the body. Being barefoot will allow optimization of the proprioceptive element needed to help develop the foot’s intrinsic muscles. However as the article proposes there will still be significant people who will not migrates to being fully barefoot, for many for those they at least can get into some more of the minimal type footwear that is available in the market.Glad to see that some are paying attnetion now to children (remember those old aquasocks from 15 years ago – they were great minimal shoes) However most people also forget that the shoes they wear during their daily routine will have a large influence on the health of their feet. Based on the same premise as barefoot running there are proprioceptive insoles, like Barefoot Science, that would be an excellent adjunct to the barefoot training routine, to any of the minimal shoes like the VFF, or to the daily use shoes of the people. Attention to what is happening inside of the shoe, and the interaction between any stimuli and the sole of the foot is very important. Even the best of the minimal shoes will act as a sensory insulator so introducing a proprioceptive component inside of the shoe makes perfect sense.

  7. MollyR says:

    I wear nothing on my feet but SoftStar Mocs. Great small company, and I know I’m not supporting an abusive Corporation with my purchase. The company provides amazing customer service and treats its employees well (a requirement for companies to get my money!) My back and foot problems of the past 10 years have nearly disappeared since switching to SoftStar Mocs (when I must wear a shoe!)

  8. Robbie-Lynn says:

    I love how much fun they are having. My kids run laps around the house and I am always amazed at how simple and easy it is for them. I hope they never forget the feeling of running free.

    • MarkC says:

      Thanks Robbie, all of these kids were enthusiastic volunteers. They were thrilled to run down a street in pack form barefoot! We had street blocked for safety. Mark

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