VivoBarefoot Kids Shoe Giveaway

On Sunday, less than 24 hours after Hurricane Irene roared through the region, the day was calm, the sky blue, and the sidewalk outside Two Rivers Treads in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, was filled with excited kids and their parents. They were there for the VivoBarefoot Kids Shoe Giveaway. Earlier in the week, I had sent out an email to local residents who are on our store’s mailing list:

Community Runners and Walkers,

VivoBarefoot kids shoe giveaway this Sunday 4-6pm at Two Rivers Treads.  We have 150 pair of barefoot style kids shoes that many parents and kids have grown to love over the past year.  VivoBarefoot and Two Rivers Treads are both donating shoes to make this happen.

Kids will make a pledge to run 26 miles over the course of the fall in small chunks….we’ll have a fun sheet  for them.  Shoes fit children approx ages 4-8.  (sizes 27-34 Euro).We’ll try our best to fit your  kids.

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  1. Philip Fulton says:

    This is fantastic! A company/community willing to give for the pleasure of getting our kids off their behinds and outside running. And I can’t think of a better way to product test an item. My son has just started running in his schools cross country program. He is in second grade and he seems to be willing and committed to doing this. This is great, because he usually drags his feet when it is mine or moms idea.

    We haven’t gotten him a pair of running shoes yet. He has been practicing in crappy Smallmart sandals. If you are giving shoes away, then my son would love a pair. I know this event took place in West Virginia and we are on the other side of the country, but I would be willing to pay the shipping. Let me know what we can work out.

    Philip Fulton

    • MarkC says:


      thanks and DO NOT give your child the kiddo Kayanos. they cannot run in these. We did the giveaway Sunday but soon will have an online store with minimalist kids shoes features. the cheap watershoes and mocassins work well. Contact our store Two Rivers Treads at 304-876-1100 and we may have some VivoBarefoots left in stock.
      keep the kids running!

      Dr. Mark

      Dr. Mark

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