Persistence has certainly paid off for Portland, Oregon-based entrepreneur and formerly injured runner David Sypiewski, who has quietly toiled for several years to make the perfect shoe for injury-free natural running. Soon, all runners will be able to step inside David’s dream when Skora running shoes go on sale this February. Well-funded with $1 million in capital from a private investor, Skora just might have a fighting chance in the suddenly crowded minimalist marketplace. “Our shoes are designed to encourage running performance that is as bio-mechanically correct as possible,” Sypniewski told one sports retailer industry newsletter. “Our footwear lets people run naturally. Running form is the most important aspect to injury-free running. Adapting to a zero-drop shoe with minimal padding should be a gradual process and cannot be rushed. The shoes you use need to enable you to run with great mid-foot/whole-foot form and give you the proper feedback with every stride. Skora does do this.”

According to Skora press material, the company will be launching its Base ($125) and Form ($195) shoes. Both models are built on a special footwear last “with a natural arch shape, zero drop from heel-to-toe, a generous ball girth and wide toe box. Total stack height in both models is 13mm with the insole, 9mm without. These features enhance a natural mid-foot/all-foot contact consistent with a ‘barefoot-style’ of running. Both models are designed to be worn comfortably with or without socks.” Zero Drop can’t wait to try these shoes.