The Nike waffle trainer first came of age nearly 40 years ago. To put this in perspective, the average age of a marathoner is also 40. Shoe in photo is the waffle racer that debuted in 1976.

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and Two Rivers Treads want your old, and they mean really old, running shoes for their new “Shoeseum” that will originally be housed in the Shepherdstown, West Virginia store.  Vintage sneakers from the 60s and 70s are especially wanted (flat-sole, thin treads, lightweight, little cushioning). This makes one think how running has come full-circle, at least for the minimalist and barefoot-lifestyle set.  Look through your closets, attics, basements. Perhaps you have old running shoes lurking there, forgotten and unused all this time. The Shoeseum is also interested in getting their hands on running footwear from the 80s and 90s, when shoe design evolved into an annual contest of “bigger is better” and the birth of new space-age materials, monster heel crash pads, rigid footbeds, and gargantuan cushiony treads.

Here’s where to send your shoes– and where they will be happy in their new home:

Two Rivers Treads

PO Box 1661
107 W. German St.
Shepherdstown WV 25443

phone 304-876-1100