Dr. Mark Hits One Outta the Park in Trail Runner Nation Podcast

Trail Runner Nation is a community-centric website that’s supported by aficionados of the off-road. Their motto is “Run Strong and Run Long. They recently invited Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, our fearless leader of the Natural Running Center, to share his views in a podcast. It’s a fun, informative and doozy of an interview. Listen here if you care about staying healthy and injury-free as a runner. — Bill Katovsky

4 Responses to “Dr. Mark Hits One Outta the Park in Trail Runner Nation Podcast”

  1. Indy M. says:

    He sure does, very very informative.

  2. James says:

    Great interview.
    I thought we would hear more in the news from this article:


  3. Jane freeman says:

    Thank you. The information was inspiring and helpful. Do you happen to ever have workshops or representation on the Big Island? At first I dismissed the possibility, but there are so many athletes training here, I thought just maybe …. Something else that encouraged me to ask is that Lance Armstrong has been triathlon training in the Kona public pool this week! Not entirely surprising because there is a wonderful world class swim coach there. Anyway, I’ve clued into your site due to achilles tendinitis and I was further encouraged that it will eventually heal. It seems to be a long time, over a month, with little improvement. I may need to take time off from work where I am active. Thank you again.

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