‪Sh*t Runners Say to Barefoot Runners‬

Comic mastermind Steven Sashen has hit LOL-paydirt again with his follow-up video to “Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say.” In this sequel, the founder of Invisible Shoes examines “Sh*t Runners Say to Barefoot Runners.”  The NRC gives this really, really funny video Two Big Toes Up!

3 Responses to “‪Sh*t Runners Say to Barefoot Runners‬”

  1. Keith White says:

    I like is energy to his passion around barefoot running. I get the sarcasm. The question I have is why the reading glasses? Sunglasses? Performance fabrics and jackets. Why shave? All this is not natural. He seems to be making a mockery of running. His product is in a one horse race as is his brand. Like everything else barefoot running will fade.

    • Jeff says:

      your wrong about barefoot running fading. Its actually growing and will continue to grow the more people actually get out of their narrow minded views and quit listening to the media.

  2. Brian says:

    Hah, that’s great. Fun video and so much truth in the random things we get asked.

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