Learning Good Barefoot Running Style

Mark Cucuzzella, MD, and director of the Natural Running Center regularly runs unshod as a way to strengthen his feet and legs, as well as improve form, cadence, and posture. This short training segment was filmed on location at the Antietam National Park.

8 Responses to “Learning Good Barefoot Running Style”

  1. hpseaton says:

    Love this video! Have been showing it to my family and friends to give them visual proof that you can run barefoot fast and fluidly! Thanks Mark

  2. Great video Mark! Inspiring!

  3. Rob Rigg says:

    This video gives me goosebumps every time I watch it – It’s so pure, flowing and powerful – and the passion behind it is evident. Amazing work Mark!

    • MarkC says:


      thank you for all you are doing to return golfers to their roots too and get them walking in your flat barefoot style TrueLinkswear shoes.


  4. camping shop says:

    Excellent video. Do you find that to run for extended periods of time barefoot is something that you have to build up to slowly? Obviously modern running shoes offer quite a lot of cushioning on the heel, so without that, does the “jolting” cause any knee issues?

  5. Bob says:

    Who shot and edited this?

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