The following quotes about sprinting come from the soon-to-be published book, “1,001 Pearls of Runners’ Wisdom: Advice and Inspiration for the Open Road,” and edited by Bill Katovsky. The quotes themselves come from the fertile brain of Steven Sashen, 50, an All-American masters sprinter and founder of Invisible Shoes.— NRC

Sprinters are born, not made. But sprinting is taught.

Saying to a sprinter “you should move up in distance” is like saying to a duck, “you should really try bowling.”

Raw speed helps, but it rarely wins.

People who know I’m a sprinter will still say to me, “Hey, let’s go for a run.” I reply, “I don’t run. I sprint.””

Masters sprinters are great fun. We work way too hard for no real payoff, we can’t help being way more competitive than we have any reason to be, and we’re old enough to know that we’re crazy.

The quietest moment in my mind is the space between “Set!” and “BANG!”

Running isn’t rocket science. Sprinting comes pretty close.

The reason sprinting isn’t more popular than jogging is that anyone can jog.