Facts on Foot Strike– Does It Matter If You Run with a Heel or Forefoot Strike?

The minimalist movement of the last few years has gotten runners focused on their feet. Many now know what research has shown: Foot-strike patterns are variable, and the specific interaction between the foot and the ground is influenced by multiple factors like speed, surface and footwear. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s a general lack of consensus on just what one’s feet should be doing while one is running. The question arises: Does foot-strike type even matter?

The following excerpt from the new book, Tread Lightly: Form, Footwear, and the Quest for Injury-Free Running, is a thorough investigation of all aspects of the foot strike. The excerpt, by Peter Larson, can be found here, as it’s featured in the June 2012 issue of Running Times Magazine.

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