Go “Nip to Hip” With Your Hands

One of the keys to good leg action is what you do with your arms.  Your foot will almost always land under your hand, so if overreaching with hand in front your leg will overstride. Just observe folks when they are jogging. When the hand stays close to center so does the foot. Thus move your hand nip to hip. You will develop a smooth and bouncy rhythm this way and engage the glutes to get the foot down close to under your body.

7 Responses to “Go “Nip to Hip” With Your Hands”

  1. hello Dr.Mark,
    i know you from SNOWLINES FootWorks Edinburgh,Colin McPhail mentions u for his custmors lots, as we support you in the shop personally because of the great benifits and advices and knowlege i learned from you. thanks lot.
    what do think about what i think :

    “I think landing midfoot is better, perfect whatever good for long run work realy great, but frontfoot or MFGJ is amazing great fantastic for faster or short run”
    But never land on your toes because its not good for your joints as it may cause ou disorder and missssss and pression between jints of your toes

  2. MarkC says:

    Thanks RD Goodright from Newton for putting this motion to words with the “nip to hip” Mark

  3. SteveL says:

    That was so simple and yet works really well! Thanks for this tip. I think it’s helped me up my cadence.

  4. Sergio says:

    I love all the information on this site. However I haven’t seen any articles related to how people with different builds should deal with running technique. In other words, I have a heavier build than most die-hard runners. I am 5’10” but weigh about 190 and have broader build – not the long and slender. Do these principles still apply?

  5. mike says:

    What’s the definition of “nip”?

  6. Brent says:

    Awesome tip :) I have over striding/heel strike habits that I’m working on due to knee pain. I look forward to employing this technique, as well as so many others on this site, when I’m back in action.

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