Video: Training for a Sub-4 Mile

In this new, superbly crafted video, we watch West Virginia High School Senior Jacob Burcham train for a sub-4 mile. If Burcham succeeds in his quest, he joins only a handful of other U.S. teen runners. Running Times correspondent and filmmaker Joel Wolpert follows Burcham as he prepares for his final season of high school track. He ended 2012 with a 4:02.73. His coach says in the video, “West Virginia is not a state with a reputation for fast runners, but speed doesn’t care about stereotypes.”

2 Responses to “Video: Training for a Sub-4 Mile”

  1. Cody R. says:

    go jacob burcham! Do it!

    also, seems to have heel contact with his left foot, but it’s not a heel strike so it’s fine, still under the center of his gravity

  2. Cody R. says:

    so looking at the end of the season…can’t find anything that he did it..

    still must be fun to run that fast

    good job jacob! Keep running!

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