media-boston-marathon-blastThe Sunday before the Boston Marathon, Dr. Walter Bortz of Stanford gave a lecture that received a standing ovation (I do not think I have witnessed a lecture receive a standing ovation).  Most of it was about the failings of our current healthcare mode of treatment focus and how each individual can achieve healthier lives. 

Dr. Bortz is 83 and was running Monday when the blast occurred.

They stopped the race (he was about 19 miles in) and family along the course took him in and got him back to the hotel.  There were no contingencies for this scenario.

Two quotes he gave ring true:

He uses this analogy to the aging body: “When a grandfather clock stops running, it is broken, worn out or needs to be wound up.” and “we live too short and die too long”.

So keep moving to wind your clock up and live.

“There will be continued outdoor events in our futures that challenge the human spirit.  These events will not have stadiums or walls.”

His website is filled with wisdom

Several physicians who attended the conference were in the finish area at the time of the bombs and quickly responded also.  It took significant time for any emergency vehicles to get to the area so the critical actions of on the scene responders saved lives.

West Virginia Public Radio called to talk with me about the tragedy. Article and audio here.

Please devote a few minutes of prayer or reflection for the Monday’s victims.