Marine Corps Marathon 2013 Report

I ran my 22nd Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday (2:47, 83rd overall, 2nd in my age group to my Marine friend, Alex Hetherington, 46, in 2:42). I will respect the post-race recovery period. I was sore on Monday, but it was not too bad. I went for an easy jog with my dog.

It was fun to be part of the Armed Forces Championship for 20 years now. The USAF lost to the Army by the slightest margins on both men’s and women’s sides. All ran their best and exhibited the camaraderie and professionalism expected of USAF representatives.

I am the first to admit that “racing” marathons is not necessarily healthy behavior. I have said this for a long time. If the training is relaxed, aerobic, and fun, then the occasional marathon is like “monkey bars” recess day in grade school. There’s the challenge and fun of competing, but racing should be at a level of effort only to tap into infrequently. I think many runners train too hard daily and race too frequently. Instead, the sweet spot for working out is 30-60 minutes of movement most days of week.

Here is a photo of me post-race with my favorite racing shoes….Newton MV3s.Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 8.50.14 PM

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  1. Phillip says:

    Dr. C,

    Great news and glad to see you and the team enjoyed yourselves! Way to represent the USAF!!! BTW – I’m currently deployed and selling your mantra as I type of targeted heart rate training and proper form. I attended your clinic at Scott AFB last year and learned so much – we need you here!!!!

  2. roberto ruiz says:

    Congratulations Mark! Pretty good time for an “old guy”! :)

  3. Jonathon says:

    Great run. Although I wasn’t part of the official USAF team member, I tried to represent as much as possible. 2:42:27 for a 66 minute PR, and thinking of applying for the team next year.

    • MarkC says:

      Wow! I saw you cruise by me looking effortless in Crystal City. a 66 minute PR? What are you doing? Yes you will be a future USAF team member. I should move to fossil status soon. Mark

  4. Ron says:

    Dr mark,

    You are inspiring, great to see someone perform well but also great to see you acknowledge the need to keep training at a level that is comfortable and healthy. I Realy enjoy what you and Phil maffetone preach about being healthy.

    Best regards and keep spreading the message

  5. Michael Sweeney says:

    Great Run! I want to personally thank you as it was your heart rate article that was posted on USAF Marathon website that got me running seriously in Jan of this year. My wife and I with your training suggestions were with you at the Marine Corps Marathon. (Well behind you, lol) We had so much fun and already planning our next marathon and excited about how much better it will be with additional training under our belts. Thank you so much for your help and guidance.
    Michael Sweeney (USAF)

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