Join me, my kids Leo and Lily, and my fellow movement teacher and Two Rivers Treads Education lead Paul Koczera, as we lead you through several exercise snacks that are demonstrated in these three videos. Do these simple dynamic movements and drills whenever and wherever you can. They can be done any time of day, and should be remote from your “workouts.” That is why they are “exercise snacks.” Enjoy and bon appetit! — Dr. Mark


Episode 1 — Gary Gray Lunge Matrix

·        A runner needs to get the fascia loose and ready for movement
·        You should not be stretching cold muscles
·        Do these 5 simple dynamic lunge movements wherever and whenever you can
·        These are best done as the first step of a warmup and before you head out the door for a light run and as the first step in a more progressive warmup for a harder workout


Episode 2–The Sumo and World’s Greatest Stretch

·        You  need a specific range of motion to run efficiently
·        Many runners are too tight in the hip flexors as well as the calf area
·        I do these two dynamic exercises daily
·        Start with correct form and progress as you are able
·        Move through the exercises slowly and smoothly
·        It may take weeks to months to be able to do these exercises optimally
·        Once you can do them well, do not stop


Episode 3 Fun Drills for the  Springs-

·        Running is an elastic activity
·        We have small but mighty springs in the foot and larger springs in the lower legs.  The springs talk to each other
·        Start with jump rope and stair jumps with variations
·        As you get springier, add burpees and mountain climbers
·        Focus on good form, stable core, soft and quiet landings
·        Do only a few at first as you master the skills