This blog post will contain few words as the pictures tell the story.  I started distance running in Avalon NJ barefoot in the sand as  12 year old running with my brother Chris who was prepping for cross country.  We would do 10 miles barefoot without thinking much of it.  This was in the late 70’s at the beginning of the running boom.  It was rare to see a “shod” runner on the beach.  We literally followed in the barefootsteps of my Uncle Anthony Cucuzzella who is a lifetime runner.

Today on the beach it is the opposite and although there are exponentially more runners it is rare to see a barefoot runner.  As I witness the sheer joy of my dog chasing after a seagull in the early morning, there is something magical and freeing in the experience of barefoot running on the beach , especially through the shallow water.

I like to look at footprints too.  As you can see by footprints of barefoot running the toes need to spread and an aligned . The Great Toe provides the stability and propulsion.  I have hallux valgus (Great Toe angled in) and post surgical changes that necessitate the Correct Toes with the hairband tied on so they stay on in sand and water- works like magic.

Notice my foot without the Correct Toes next to my son Leo’s.  He still has a perfect foot 🙂

Now look at the shape of the Shoe Prints.  Something look strange here?  What do you want your foot to look like?


Leo’s young health feet and my recovering feet.  Notice the alignment of his Great Toe


IMG_7583  IMG_7574 IMG_7573

IMG_7582 IMG_7580 IMG_7576 IMG_7575 IMG_7570IMG_7555

The children get it.  Look at the beautiful canvas our Middle School run campers created along with a picture of them doing a West Virginia run route across the Potomac River.  We are different here.  Take your shoes off and enjoy the rest of the summer!

canvas crossing river across river