Additional Websites and Resources

1. Lt Col Mark Cucuzzella’s Resource Sites

2. Tread Lightly Book Website 100’s of references organized by chapter. Thank you Dr. Pete Larson and Bill Katovsky for this amazing database

3. Train Hard, Win Easy video by Toby Tanser. Video shows the perfect relaxed running movement.

4. Five old but essential articles:

5. Dr. Dan Lieberman’s Harvard Running Site-

6. Brian Martin’s Running Technique Website-

7. Dr. Phil Maffetone Health and Fitness site-

8. Blaise Dubois Running Injury Site-

9. Dr. Pete Larson’s Runblogger site –

10. Runblogger Youtube Channel– eye opening site on the world of slow motion running

11. Lorraine Moller, Keith Livingston, and Nobby Hashizume of Lydiard Foundation . Best site on tailoring a schedule to you

12. Coach Bobby McGee- Expert information on Running Form. Excellent DVD-

13. Jae Gruenke- Thanks for “Face Forward” instruction-

14. Dr. Michael Yessis Explosive Running site-

15. Mark Sisson and Mark’s Daily Apple. Excellent site on nutrition and overall health–

16. Dr. Shawn Allen and Dr. Ivo Waerlop- The Gait Guys

17. Dr. Ken Mierke’s Evolution Running-

18. Phil Wharton- a master teacher of stretching –

19. Gretchen Reynolds Fitness Columns in the New York Times. Spend an evening reading many of these fascinating articles which translate complex science to the practical application.

20. 23 ½ Hours. This piece by Dr. Mike Evans is a fun 9 minute summary of why we need to move.

21. Cooper Institute landmark studies on fitness and health and Cooper Institute study archive

22. The Skinny on Obesity.This series needs to be viewed by everyone in America, especially the medical providers

23. Dr. Lustig’s epic Mini Med School talk on Obesity which now has over 2 Million hits

24. Weight of the Nation on HBO- documents the losing battle with modern food and lifestyle. 4 hours of documentary free on line.

25. Exercise is Medicine. American College of Sports Medicine site for health providers and anyone wanting to live healthy.

26. The Science of Running Literature Review: Factors affecting distance running performance by Steve Magness Amazing 130 page Science Review. Steve’s website is also a great read

27. Sports Scientist by Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas

28. Sweat Science from Runners World

29. Dr. Steve Robbins Research site on Barefoot Running

30. Dr. Ray McClanahan-Expert in Natural Foot Function

31. Dr. Nick Campitelli- Expert in Natural Foot Function

32. Dr. Steve Gangemi- Health and Wellness expert and athlete

33. Running Times website- loaded with archives of useful articles and videos