You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe.  There is no place this is more true than in running. To run efficiently and without injury you need a strong, stable, and mobile base.  A tough combination on unconscious movements that take place with every running step.

The web is loaded with videos on core training, stretching, strength work, and supplemental work.  Most runners though fail to put these videos in context for what their individual needs are.  Many videos out there focus exclusively on the running form, but without the “chassis” issues supporting the more natural form it will be difficult to transition safely and optimally.

So why is our video different and worth viewing?

  • This video is targeted to you as a runner trying to learn better form.
  • It will help you identify weaknesses and restrictions in your kinetic chain and give you some simple corrective exercises you can do at home.
  • These exercisers are taught and practiced by us, so we know they are easy to learn and effective with minimal time investment.

Come by Two Rivers Treads for one of our free clinics and we can help teach you hands on.

Thanks you to our producer Dave Ehrenberg for assisting us with this production and to my friends and colleagues at Two Rivers Treads who are  skilled educators and experienced athletes-  Athletic Trainer Laura Bergmann and Physical Therapy student Brad Dodson.

The teaching team

Laura Bergmann B.S., M.S.

Core Connections Coaching, L.L.C.-Owner

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Crossfit Endurance Coach

Laura is one of the few health professionals that I frequently refer patients and runners too. She not only is an exceptional self taught athlete, but more importantly she is a tireless teacher and promoter of community health and fitness for life.

Brad Dodson PT

BS Exercise Science/ Biomechanics

PT (Physical Therapist) West Virginia University

CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist)

Brad  is one of the emerging leaders in Natural Running.  He was a 4:07 miler at the University of Delaware and is also an accomplished triathlete.  His trail of severe injuries led to his discovery of Natural Running principles.  He finished his physical therapy degree in 2012 and will be teaching and spreading the message in the health care community. You can have a full assessment with Brad by visiting .