At Two Rivers Treads we understand the chassis is more important than the shoes, the form, or the engine. We teach this daily to customers in our store, in group clinics, and in our medical arm RunMed.

We share with you our best pieces on the assessment and the prescriptive training.  Having an assessment by a skilled Athletic Trainer or Physical Therapist can complement what you learn from our site.

Running Times Are You Ready for Minimalism?

April 2012 Running Times recreates the iconic image on Jim Fixx’s 1977 The Complete Book of Running. I am running in the same shoe as Fixx, a 1968 Onizuka Tiger.

The goal of our article is to help any runner make a safer transition to better running form and reduce the amount of shoe they need. With the simple tests and corrective exercises we describe you can self assess whether you are “Ready for Minimal”.

Don’t despair even if you do not pass all the assessments. Start slow and with progression you will be able to adapt.  View this really well done video by Joel Wolpert featuring Jay Dicharry, triathlete Nicole Kelliher, and myself on some simple self assessments for minimal running.  The video complements the Running Times Article.