Imagine ….

Whenever I am in NYC I jog through Central Park West and find the Imagine Mosaic which marks the site where John Lennon was killed.  All who gather there are each imagining something.

It seems we all want to attack each other and discredit the good work people are doing to create a healthier future for our kids.  Vegan and LCHF (Low Carb Healthy Fat) followers often are ruthless to each other.  Republicans and Democrats no longer have civil debate.  Contempt destroys all relationships and any chance of forward progress.

My simple message and hope is that our country can unite and together create a place that will be healthier for our children, who will live shorter and sicker than their parents if current trajectory prevails.  So how do we unite and what are our common foes.

In my opinion we must together rid our children and the country of the excessive sugar and junk food which is driving obesity, diabetes, and shortened lives of chronic illness and lost potential.   Vegan and LCHF friends can agree on this one.  As a medical profession we must also pledge to not create another opiate addict and prevent the painful and tragic consequences.  All political allegiances are aside when we unite to change policy surrounding these issues.

Nations all over the world are rising up to these challenges.  I love the in your face Aussie campaign. We must not be laggards. A quote attributed to Winston Churchill “Americans Will Always Do the Right Thing — After Exhausting All the Alternatives”.

So join me and others in 2018 and be bold and go after these issues.  Start in your own home. Start in your own community.  Here is my community and my wish is that the happy, active, and healthy children in our West Virginia Kids Running Revolution continue this path into adulthood. My small hospital Jefferson Medical Center in Ranson WV is taking steps to be sugar free.  You can contribute to our mission too. 

Here is a fun 21 day Sugar Free Challenge starting January 8 organized by my friend Dr. Amy Savagian .  Daily inspiration and recipes.  No products.  Start a new way of living and eating. Sign up on her site for daily emails to keep you on track You have a few days to shop for healthy foods and get you and your family in the right frame of mind.

Imagine all the people living life in peace

…..And the world will be as one

Here’s to being part of changing the world in 2018!

Dr. Mark