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29 March 2011

What is Zero Drop?

Zero Drop refers to the height differential between the shoe heel and toe area. Most conventional running shoes have an average drop of 12 mm, which places too much impact and stress on the heel region– and we know what happens next and it’s not good for runners.  The runner’s cushioned heel strikes the ground […]

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28 March 2011

Freedom’s Run In West Virginia on October 1, 2011

Come join us at the Freedom’s Run held in early Fall in colorful, leaf-changing West Virginia on October 1,2011. Five events– kids, 5K,10K, half-marathon, and marathon. Race director is Dr. Mark Cucazzella, owner of Two Rivers Treads in Sheperdstown and director of the Natural Running Center. For more info go here. And make sure you […]

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27 March 2011

Putting on FiveFingers In Just 10 Seconds!

Many ardent fans of Vibram FiveFingers bellyache about how long it takes to slip on the barefoot shoes. But leave it to professional sword-swallower and ultrarunner Roderick Russell to tell you how to get VFFs on your eager feet in under 10 seconds. Hey, that’s about one second per toe, or just over a shade […]

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27 March 2011

Nike’s Ode To Barefoot Running… in 2006!

This memorable Nike television commercial, which aired in 2006, was a witty, ironic homage to “Chariots of Fire.” It heralded the early beginning of the barefoot running trend, albeit in well-padded shoes called the Frees. This was three years before Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run became a national bestseller– and which really became the Big […]

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27 March 2011

Seven Tips for Finding the Proper Shoe Fit

by Dr. Phil Maffetone — Understanding proper running shoe fit is the first step towards pain-free running and injury prevention. That doesn’t mean you should waste your time trying on or investigating those expensive, super-comfortable,  padded, and built-up running shoes that keep being thrown our way each year by profit-hungry running shoe companies. If you […]

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27 March 2011

The Pros and Cons of Video Gait Analysis — Runners Getting Their Body in Balance  

By Dr. Phil Maffetone For the past several decades, video analysis of human movement has been used in virtually all sports by coaches, athletes, and healthcare professionals. Because of the relative ease of combining video and treadmill activity, this approach is now common in the evaluation of running gait. Properly applied, video analysis can be […]

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26 March 2011

How Running Shoes Get Tested in Footwear Labs

This photo of a honking-big New Balance sneaker (taken from a 2009 issue of Popular Mechanics) shows how most of the major shoe companies test the exaggerated heel-cushioning of their conventional running shoes. No wonder many millions of runners unnaturally became accustomed to heel-striking. One could safely bet that the mechanical piston never experiences shin […]

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26 March 2011

Conversation: One Runner Enlightens Another Runner

James works at Two Rivers Treads in Sheperdstown, West Virginia, which is also the headquarters and flagship store of the Natural Running Center.  He recently published on the store blog a rather lengthy, and highly informative email exchange he had with another runner who was seeking his advice, Their online back-and-forth is reposted here. The […]

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26 March 2011

How Body Weight and Nutrition Affects a Runner’s Gait

Tom Osler, a top ultrarunner in the 60s who later became a math professor and author of The Serious Runner, conducted a comprehensive study of runners and found that for every extra pound you carry, you will be 2.5 seconds per mile slower. Dr. Steve Gangemi aka “Sock Doc,” examines the biomechanical relationship between excess […]

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25 March 2011


Proprioception is defined as the perception or sensing of your limbs in space (orientation) during movement of the body. Specifically in running, proprioception allows your mind to learn, with each step, from the effect of each movement and then adjust your limbs accordingly for future movements. Proprioception comes from the Latin word proprius, meaning “one’s […]

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15 March 2011

Who Needs a Fuel Belt, When You Got a Fridge?

Pete Digby, a former paratrooper, carried a 40-pound fridge on his back at the 2010 London Marathon as part of a fundraising challenge for the Royal British Legion. Pete finished in 5:49. Will he run in this April’s race also toting a cooler? And does he keep his mobile fridge filled with ice-cold brewskis and […]

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