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25 March 2015

Form vs. Running Shoes –Why Minimalism Went Flat, Part Two

by Jim Hixson, CSCS     Minimalism isn’t going away. Too many runners have discovered for the first time what it’s like to run injury-free. They have awakened to the joy of a midfoot strike instead of heels hitting first, something that conventional running shoes with stiff, outsized crash pads pretty much guaranteed. But in the […]

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15 March 2015

Healthy Running Courses

Teaching courses on healthy running is one of the greatest pleasures of work as an educator. I learn so much from the participants as we share experiences and variations on simple training principles that work to keep us healthy.  The thing I  like best is when after we tell a story, we do an exercise […]

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23 February 2015

Why Minimalism Went Flat, Part I

Part One, by Jim Hixson, CSCS It was exhilarating and vindicating to see the increase in the selection of lightweight, flat, thin, flexible shoes several years ago. But now the minimalist utopia is threatened by market forces. I looked at the 2014 survey Peter Larson had on –two of the top 20 shoes were […]

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23 February 2015

Mindful Running = Stress-Free Running

by Elinor Fish After successfully completing Colorado’s infamous Leadville Trail 100 several years ago, I was on cloud nine, dreaming about my next big endurance  challenge. While my imagination soared, my body plummeted into depths of exhaustion I’d never before experienced. I couldn’t seem to recover from Leadville, and almost a year after the race […]

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23 February 2015

Original Strength for Runners: Go, Baby, Go

by Sarah Young We were born to run. We were also made to move. Our birthright is movement in all its forms.  As babies, we began laying the building blocks to be runners by doing such seemingly mundane things as lifting and controlling our big heads (which weighed about 1/3 of our baby bodyweight). As […]

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23 February 2015

Relief for Plantar Facsiitis

About once a week, the Natural Running Center will receive an email from a reader complaining about chronic plantar facsiitis pain in his or her foot. For these sufferers, conventional treatment ranges from orthotics to NSAIDS, neither of which are natural methods or recommended. Nor are they effective. These readers are looking for answers. Maybe […]

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26 December 2014

Natural Foot Health vs. Shoe Industry

by Dr. Ray McClanahan. During a vacation with my family in Hawaii, we attended a Luau, where nearly every native Hawaiian had beautiful spread toes and strong healthy feet. That is  not often the case on the mainland. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was related to the fact that they work and live barefoot […]

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20 November 2014

JFK 50-Miler: Finding Peace on the Trail

In preparation for my return to the JFK 50-mile run this weekend, I’d like to share my race report from the 2008 run. This top photo was taken at mile 48 and made the front page of the Hagerstown Herald Mail in Maryland. It captures the spirit of ultra running. I wanted to relive this […]

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2 November 2014

Healthy Running is Fun and Sustainable Running — Love Affair with 3 Marathons

After enjoying another Marine Corps Marathon (47th place in 2:49 age 48) curiosity led to digging into past races that stretch back several decades. So into the archives I plunged to see how many MCMs (I thought it was 22) and what the times were.  So I contacted my friend and Marine Corps Marathon historian […]

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17 October 2014

Semper Fly, 2014: Marathon Training and Race Day Tips

As you enter the week prior to the Marine Corps Marathon, or any marathon, here are a few visualizations to help you set your plan. Running your best 10K is mostly about fitness. Running your best marathon is part art, science, guts, and faith in what you can do. I’ve had the privilege of running  […]

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30 September 2014

New World Marathon Record—Countdown to 1:59 Continues

by Dr. Phil Maffetone. With his day-glo orange racing flats flashing through the Berlin streets, Kenyan Dennis Kimetto blazed to a world record 2:02:57 marathon. The weather did not hinder his pace, and it may not have helped much either, as other race times were not particularly quick (third-place men’s time was almost 2:06, and […]

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30 September 2014

“Racing to the (Kona) Starting Line”

Sharing the journey of friend and fellow Race Director Dave McGillivray. Dave directs the “Big Boy” races, including the Boston Marathon.  His message of fitness vs. health is a must-read for all. From his extraordinary run across the U.S. to benefit the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in 1978 to serving as technical director […]

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28 September 2014

“Anatomy for Runners”: Excerpt on Why Runners Get Injured by Jay Dicharry

by Jay Dicharry. Running is pure. You may run for yourself, seeking to improve your time on your local neighborhood loop, or maybe simply to knock out the stresses of daily life. There are few other sports in the world in which you can compare yourself purely against the clock. It’s just you covering distance […]

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13 September 2014

What’s Best in Kids’ Running Shoes?

School has started. It’s a time when parents are buying their children new shoes for gym class, cross-country and everyday wear. Given what we know about childhood development and the elements of natural running gait movements, here are a few things to consider before you start shopping for shoes. — Ultra-thin soles allow proper proprioception, […]

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22 August 2014

“runScribe” Will Examine Your Form in Great Detail

by Nick Pang.   Wearable technology is making sports like football (not soccer) safer with concussion-prevention sensors embedded in helmets and mouth guards with live data via Wi-Fi on the field and sidelines. What about running? Even with all the latest shoe- cushioning technologies and research, runners are still get injured every year. Now Scribe Labs […]

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