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14 May 2013

Race Report:Harpers Ferry Half Marathon

It is always a challenge being a director of a race. You are always faced with things you did not anticipate.  Twelve hours before the event here in West Virginia, we were hit with a thunderstorm of massive proportions.  Most of the course markings of the run which was 40% trail were gone.  Water from […]

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7 May 2013

Book Excerpt from “FARMACOLOGY”

Please enjoy this excerpt from a new book called “FARMACOLOGY:What Innovative Family Farming Can Teach Us About Health and Healing,” from my colleague Dr. Daphne Miller.  Dr. Miller is a fellow Family Physician and we met a little over a year ago at an event promoting Nature Prescriptions.  Dr. Miller is one of the nation’s […]

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6 May 2013

Dr. Mark’s “The Principles of Natural Running”

Over 800,000 YouTube Views! For the past 12 years, I have dissected and modified hundreds of pairs of shoes, taught running form clinics around the country, opened a minimalist store in my home town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, directed races (from 5K fun runs to marathons), got local children excited about running, and most importantly listened […]

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6 May 2013

Harpers Ferry Race and Live Music

This Saturday on May 11, there’s the Harpers Ferry Half Marathon, 4 Mile, Kids Run (; the 4 Mile is free for kids under 18! Join me on my favorite lunch-break routes at my job at Harpers Ferry Family Medicine. The race course in West Virginia is truly an event of historic proportions.  Every time […]

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24 April 2013

Boston Strong…and Running

April 15 was the 117th running of the Boston Marathon, the oldest and most prestigious footrace in the world.  I have had the privilege of running 20 of them.  The amazing camaraderie amongst the runners, spectators, volunteers, and the City of Boston draws me and my family back every year.  This race has a special […]

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18 April 2013

Reflections on Boston

The Sunday before the Boston Marathon, Dr. Walter Bortz of Stanford gave a lecture that received a standing ovation (I do not think I have witnessed a lecture receive a standing ovation).  Most of it was about the failings of our current healthcare mode of treatment focus and how each individual can achieve healthier lives. 

Dr. […]

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14 April 2013

Upcoming Courses and Clinics on Running

NRC readers, If you are near a military base several of our military courses are open to the public. •    Oct 5-6 School of Running CME Boulder

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11 April 2013

How to Run the Boston Marathon 2013

I’ve had the pleasure of running the Boston Marathon 19 times with a string now of 11 consecutive.  My only misses since 1989 were for military duties and a foot surgery.  In all these efforts, I had 5 under 2:30, 6 between 2:30 and 2:35; 3 between 2:35 and 2:40; 3 between 2:40-2:44; a 2:46 […]

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22 March 2013

Avoid Injury: Make Slow Transition to Barefoot-style Running Shoes

Barefoot running is back in the news. Or rather barefoot-style running shoes. It’s the kind of “news story” that has “legs”. Yet the media angle is often misleading. I will quote from the first sentence of the story that appeared on the International Business Times website earlier this week: “A recent study seems to indicate […]

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9 March 2013

Having a Good Time in New Orleans

I was recently in New Orleans and had a blast.  It was a privilege to be part of a fun and inspiring running event that is the Rock and Roll. Jenni Peters and Ryan Green of Varsity Sports (an NRC Partner store)  and Newton Running supported my trip and a number of talks. The highlight […]

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8 February 2013

Beware of Footstrike Studies Focusing on Only One Variable

A recent study of less than 40 East African tribesman showed that most  land on their heels while running at a slow pace on a compliant surface (not pavement) and when they sped up most changed their pattern to midfoot landing.  Some in the media then grabbed onto this small sample and somehow arrived at […]

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15 January 2013

The Transition Shoe for Minimalist and Natural Runners

As we enter or transition into the first weeks of the new year, it often means aligning our personal goals with training and racing in the coming months.  So now is also a good time to summarize some of the basics about transitioning to minimalism, especially for those new to natural running and who what […]

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7 January 2013

Simple Food Rules for Runners

My wife’s grandmother lived to 103, and the holidays just past have reminded me of how she lived. She was not a runner, nor did she do a lot of cardio, except for sauce stirring and daily walks to markets and church. Our own local legend Frank Buckles who lived to 110 ate in this […]

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18 December 2012

The Running Event in Austin: Minimalism is Still Hot!

Huge Congrats to two Natural Running Center’s Partner Stores –Natural Strides Running and Elite Feet –who were selected as  one of “The 50 Best Running Stores in America” at The Running Event in Austin, Texas– which is a fast-growing expo and meeting-and-teaching ground for running store owners and their employees. Best of all, it’s where […]

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23 November 2012

Going the Distance When Kids Run “Free”

Though it’s been several weeks since Freedom’s Run was held here in West Virginia,  I am still receiving emails and from visitors thanking our neighboring towns for the friendly welcome they received as runners.  We would not have been able to pull off this event — marathon, half-marathon, 10K, 5K, one-mile kids run — without […]

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