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5 March 2012

Learning Good Barefoot Running Style

Mark Cucuzzella, MD, and director of the Natural Running Center regularly runs unshod as a way to strengthen his feet and legs, as well as improve form, cadence, and posture. This short training segment was filmed on location at the Antietam National Park.

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27 February 2012

Enhancing Natural Pronation Control: Your Feet Were Designed to Do Just That!

When customers enter Two Rivers Treads, questions always arise about pronation. Many of them in the past have been labeled pronators by well-meaning employees at other running stores. Some claim that they have classified as supinators.  They want shoes that fit. They want to run injury-free.  Yet it’s not something as simple as asking them […]

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17 February 2012

Natural Running Fun Run & Clinic Central Park NYC

Come join me for a Natural Running Fun Run and Form Clinic sponsored by Newton Running in New York City’s Central Park. For the clinic in NYC this is what we will cover Understand the principles of walking and running movement and how running form, proper strength and mobility, and footwear can contribute to injuries […]

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15 December 2011

Take the Stability Test — Practice Standing on One Leg

As we “comfortably” situate ourselves into the off-season, reducing our training mileage and racing, this is an ideal time to work on balance and form. A runner will typically average 1,200 steps a mile on one foot. And the gravity force on the body structure is 2.5 times the body weight with each step in […]

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8 December 2011

The Ideal Running or Walking Shoe Complements Natural Foot Function

Last month, I wrote about the need to properly assess your own foot size when buying running shoes. And judging by the number of emails I continue to get from readers on this topic, I feel it’s important to address these concerns once again. First, abandon the notion that you have a shoe size. Instead you […]

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28 November 2011

Coming to the Midwest: “New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries”

———— My good friend Blaise Dubois is a physiotherapist who teaches at the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University. Blaise has developed the Running Clinic Canada and has taught over 50 conferences around the world. Two of those conferences named “New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries”were held in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The inaugural […]

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22 November 2011

Avoid Overtraining! — Keeping Your Body Healthy Means Active Rest and Recovery

Laura Bergmann is living example of a home-schooled athlete and teacher. I met Laura two years ago when we were both spreading the word on fitness in our small town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia.  She was not excited about running since it often led to discomfort.  Yet, in time she changed her gait; it eventually […]

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12 November 2011

Proper Fit Explained: You Don’t Have a Shoe Size; You Have a Foot Size

In the past three years, I have completely rethought how a shoe should fit. More accurately I now think about how a shoe should fit rather than just pick a size.  Since I started running more true barefoot miles over the last year my foot size has greatly increased in thickness. I can no longer […]

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7 November 2011

Injury-Free Running Is Easier Than It Seems

“A man’s errors are his portals of discovery” — James Joyce In the aftermath of Chris McDougall’s article on natural running in the New York Times, I’ve been flattered by the emails from around the globe of runners sharing their stories of recovery and discovery. Here is my own personal story in even greater detail. […]

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2 November 2011

New York Times Feature Article on Injury-Free, Natural Running by Who Else…Chris McDougall

The timing is perfect. And intentional. The New York City marathon is taking place this weekend. And in the New York Times Sunday magazine, Chris McDougall has written a wonderful article on natural, injury-free running with this rather emphatic headline: “The Once and Future Way to Run.” It’s available online here. It begins with an […]

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25 October 2011

Semper Fly: How to Go Fast in the Marine Corps Marathon 2011

As a Lt Col in the U.S. Air Force, I have been an Air Force Marathon Team Member since 1988. This will be my 20th Marine Corps Marathon with two Masters wins and two top-five overall finishes. This Sunday, I will be competing again in the Marine Corps 26.2-mile race which is held in D.C. While I […]

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15 October 2011

The Cucuzzella Kids Can Run!

Two weekends ago, our small town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia was bustling with activity and runners. It was the third annual Freedom’s Run, of which I am the race director. From the start we intended to make this a small town event with scenery, history, fun, local flavor, and low fees compared to the big […]

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28 September 2011

Get Your Kids Into Minimalist Shoes to Ensure Natural Foot Development

As a family physician, I firmly believe that children should play in their bare feet or in activity shoes that complement natural foot development and proper biomechanics of movement. Runners, walkers, coaches, and the medical community are all awakening to the benefits of allowing proper natural foot motion to occur in all of our daily […]

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15 September 2011

First Lydiard Coaching Seminar Attracted Running Legends

by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. I had the privilege of attending and speaking at the first Lydiard Invitational Coaching Seminar in Boulder, Colorado this past weekend.  It was humbling to be in the room with running legends of the past and present, hear their stories, and listen as they shared lessons learned and “secrets” they figured […]

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29 August 2011

VivoBarefoot Kids Shoe Giveaway

On Sunday, less than 24 hours after Hurricane Irene roared through the region, the day was calm, the sky blue, and the sidewalk outside Two Rivers Treads in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, was filled with excited kids and their parents. They were there for the VivoBarefoot Kids Shoe Giveaway. Earlier in the week, I had sent […]

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