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13 August 2011

Small Town with a Large Foot Print: Natural Running Video Filmed in Shepherdstown, WV

A short music video created by Two Rivers Treads kicked off Newton Running’s Special Event on Monday August 8 at the historic Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado. Before an invited crowd of 300 runners, company executives, specialty running retailers, and past running greats such as Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter and World Champion Zola Budd,  […]

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28 July 2011

White-Line Comfort for Barefoot Running When the Asphalt is Pipin’ Hot

What does a runner who likes to occasionally go out in his bare feet dream of on a scorching-hot summer day?  Cold beer? Watermelon? A dip in the Shenandoah river? All of these are great but a fresh white line of paint is even better. This is the main road near my home in Shepherdstown […]

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23 July 2011

ABC’s of Minimalism: Dr. Mark’s Reply to Jeff Galloway’s Views on Running and Injury

With all his books, coaching experience, training methods, racing achievements, and Ironman-like durability with just over a half-century of miles on his legs, Jeff Galloway is a respected fixture in the running community. And along with many other runners, I’m a subscriber to his email newsletter .But his take on minimalist running shoes in his […]

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19 July 2011

Natural Running Roundup

Short, new video put together by Zero Drop‘s Bill Katovsky with Born to Run author Chris McDougall and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, owner of Two Rivers Treads, who lead local runners through natural running drills. Filmed on location in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

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8 July 2011

Running While Jumping Rope Prevents Overstriding

by Mark Cucuzzella, M.D.  My six-year-old daughter taught me this drill  and I became immediately aware that this was the perfect practice to create rhythm, balance, posture –and most importantly prevent overstriding.  Jumping rope as a drill helps wake up elastic recoil and rhythm.  You always land aligned and balanced.  When you add a little […]

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2 July 2011

Greetings from NRC Director Mark Cucuzzella

Welcome to  the Natural Running Center. Our overall message is simple: Learn, Evolve, Run! With the information, education, and expert advice you will find on this site, it’s our hope and mission that all runners, beginners or veterans, fast or slow, the formerly injured or those hoping to get back in the game, will learn […]

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2 July 2011

Grassroots Revolution in Natural Running Has Taken Off

As a family physician who has worked in primary care clinics for 20 years, I entered the field of medicine since it seemed to be the area where one can have the most influence and impact on healthy lifestyles. I offer the prescription of daily exercise to almost every patient who sees me.  I ask […]

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