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New 2014 Running Shoes:Wild Colors and Innovative Features!

Posted on 18 December 2013

Nick Pang, our shoe review editor and co-founder of Natural Running Center, recently attended The Running Event trade expo in Austin, TX. There, for three consecutive days, he happily stalked the carpeted exhibit hall where he checked out the new crop of 2014 running shoes. Many footwear companies were only showing demo models, so Nick [Read more...]

Running with Tarahumara Women

Posted on 26 November 2013

by Charlotte Clews. The Tarahumara people are renowned for their long-distance, trail-running skills and while much has been written about their top male runners who consistently win international ultra-marathon races, little has been said about the remarkable Tarahumara women. In addition to honing their agility and stamina on the rugged terrain of the Sierra Madres [Read more...]

Global Walkabout: 21,000 Miles, Seven Years in “Out of Eden Walk”

Posted on 25 November 2013

by Bill Katovsky.      National Geographic Magazine contributor and two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek  has turned his back on time through a very old-fashioned way: by walking.  His pre-modern goal is to walk across seven continents (21,000 Miles) in a bipedal attempt to cover the same ground as the early humans who first began [Read more...]

Topo Athletic “Splits” Difference with New Line of Minimalist Running Shoes without Split Toe

Posted on 21 November 2013

Going with a more traditional shoe design, Topo Athletic, which introduced split-toe or Japanese tabi-style models last summer, recently announced the addition of two new models to its expanding running shoe portfolio: the zero-drop Speed Trainer (ST) and 2mm drop Mountain Trainer (MT).  Natural Running Center shoe review editor Nick Pang got an early look at the [Read more...]

5 Tips on How To Improve Your Running Form

Posted on 17 November 2013

For the past 12 years, I have dissected and modified hundreds of shoes,
 taught running form clinics around the country, opened a minimalist store in my
 home town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, directed races (from 5K fun runs to
 marathons), got local children excited about running, and most importantly
 listened with all my senses –starting [Read more...]

Casual and Dress Minimalist Shoes: Top Five List

Posted on 19 October 2013

by Nick Pang. The second generation of casual and dress minimalist shoes are finally here. Once a runner has transitioned away from large-heel, ample cushioned, and narrow toebox running shoes, he or she will almost never go back. But what about their everyday casual and work shoes?  Does the same hold true here? Personally, my [Read more...]

Love at First Gait: HOKA is a Crazy-Looking Running Shoe, So Will Its Popularity Affect Minimalism’s Future?

Posted on 20 September 2013

You might ask, “Why is the Natural Running Center writing about a shoe that is anything but minimalist. The beefy-sole HOKA One One is as unnatural as a genetically modified Flavr Savr tomato. Because the shoe lacks an outsized, crash-pad heel like your garden-variety ASICS, what exactly do you call the lightweight yet zero-drop HOKA [Read more...]

The Natural, Minimalist Life: Going Off the Grid with Dr. Phil Maffetone

Posted on 17 September 2013

Minimalism is much more than good-form running in lightweight, flat-sole, flexible footwear. Minimalism is found in music (Philip Glass, John Cage), literature (Raymond Carver), and architecture (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe).  Minimalism’s unifying feature or motto is “less is more.” To those looking to lead a minimalist lifestyle, it means knowing how to de-clutter and [Read more...]

Minimalist Shoe Review: Puma FAAS 100 R Zero-Drop Racer

Posted on 07 September 2013

by Nick Pang.  When Puma introduced the Mobium Elite earlier this year, it started to move into the minimalist running shoes category. The FAAS collection has been around for a while and Puma is filling in the opposite end of its spectrum with lightweight and lightly cushioned shoes. Now, the most minimal shoe in the [Read more...]

Running Free: From San Quentin Death Row to Running Every Day in His Nike Frees

Posted on 06 September 2013

by Bill Katovsky.   I was mountain biking home one recent afternoon with 30 to 40 pounds of groceries and a load of clean laundry. It was hot and I felt sleepy and tired, so I decided to take an extended rest in the shade. I sought out my favorite large moss-covered rock at the end [Read more...]


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