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Max’ed Out On Thickly Cushioned “Maximalist” Running Shoes?

Posted on 09 February 2014

by Bill Katovsky. By rudely pushing aside lean-’n-mean minimalist shoes in running stores, those beefy bullies known as maximalist shoes might one day be remembered as a shoe-category killer. We hope not. But consider all these brands boasting super-thick foam styles: Hoka One One, Brooks, Skechers, Puma, Vasque, New Balance and Altra. Other shoes like [Read more...]

What Next for Running Shoes and Minimalism?

Posted on 09 January 2014

by Bill Katovsky. Depending on how frequently runners read magazines like Outside or Competitor, or check Runner’s World’s blog, they can be excused for thinking that minimalism is gone, departed, yesterday’s news. The sporting goods and fitness media abhor a news vacuum; they constantly seek out the latest trend, often on the heels of announcing [Read more...]

Fat and Flat: Running Shoe Pendulum Swings from Minimalism to Maximalism

Posted on 09 January 2014

by Nick Pang.   There is a dangerous swing (in my opinion) in the running shoe pendulum from minimalist to maximalist running shoes for 2014. The pendulum swung the opposite direction a few years ago. Which direction will it swing next and where will it settle? Make sure you understand the choices before diving in. [Read more...]

Tips for Treadmill Running and Other Biomechanical Benefits

Posted on 02 January 2014

We are pleased to repost this essay from Dr. Casey Kerrigan on treadmills. It originally appeared on the blog for OESH Shoes where Dr. Kerrigan is founder and chairman. Citing studies, she dispels one very popular myth that because “it’s a tiny bit easier to run on a treadmill, many will tell you that to [Read more...]

Headed to the Gym? You Might Save Money, Not with a Membership but Paying Per Visit

Posted on 02 January 2014

by Bill Katovsky. Gyms have replaced bars as America’s favorite gathering places. But depending on time of day and year, health clubs are typically agog with lycra-spun exhibitionism, squadrons of Spinners and Cross-fitters, or quieter than a Trappist monastery. Now gyms are moving outside with boot camps and paleo-style workouts leading the fitness charge. The [Read more...]

Barefoot Farm and the Tarahumara

Posted on 22 December 2013

Thousands of miles from the Copper Canyon region of Northern Mexico is a small organic farm that’s located on the western outskirts of North Carolina adjacent to the Pisgah National Forest. Co-founded by Will Harlan and Emily Diznoff in 2005, Barefoot Farm is partially modeled on the self-sufficiency farming methods practiced by the Tarahumara for [Read more...]

Ask Sock Doc: Avoid Overtraining, Moving Past Plantar Fasciitis, and When to Start HIIT

Posted on 19 December 2013

Which guidelines are those to know when you have a sufficient base to start HIIT {High-Intensity Interval Training} workouts? Sock Doc: You’re okay to start HIIT training such as intervals, hills, and other high-intensity activities once your aerobic fitness test no longer improves. Say you’re able to run two miles in 16 minutes at a [Read more...]

New 2014 Running Shoes:Wild Colors and Innovative Features!

Posted on 18 December 2013

Nick Pang, our shoe review editor and co-founder of Natural Running Center, recently attended The Running Event trade expo in Austin, TX. There, for three consecutive days, he happily stalked the carpeted exhibit hall where he checked out the new crop of 2014 running shoes. Many footwear companies were only showing demo models, so Nick [Read more...]

Running with Tarahumara Women

Posted on 26 November 2013

by Charlotte Clews. The Tarahumara people are renowned for their long-distance, trail-running skills and while much has been written about their top male runners who consistently win international ultra-marathon races, little has been said about the remarkable Tarahumara women. In addition to honing their agility and stamina on the rugged terrain of the Sierra Madres [Read more...]

Global Walkabout: 21,000 Miles, Seven Years in “Out of Eden Walk”

Posted on 25 November 2013

by Bill Katovsky.      National Geographic Magazine contributor and two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek  has turned his back on time through a very old-fashioned way: by walking.  His pre-modern goal is to walk across seven continents (21,000 Miles) in a bipedal attempt to cover the same ground as the early humans who first began [Read more...]


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