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12 December 2013

‪Vivobarefoot Kids Shoe Free Giveaway 2013‬

Thank you to our friends at VivoBarefoot for supporting the return of the Minimalist Kids Shoe FREE giveaway at Two Rivers Treads in Shepherdstown, WV. The giveaway was held last month and like in years past, we were overwhelmed by parents and their kids who loooooove the minimal shoes and reject all others. Two Rivers […]

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4 July 2013

Great Scenes of Barefoot Running in Cinema: “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.”

This 1962 award-winning, French-made short film was based on an Ambrose Bierce short story of a condemned man in the Civil War, and was later rebroadcast on “The Twilight Zone.” Watch it once– it’s just over 20 minutes– and it will stay with you forever.

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6 May 2013

Dr. Mark’s “The Principles of Natural Running”

Over 800,000 YouTube Views! For the past 12 years, I have dissected and modified hundreds of pairs of shoes, taught running form clinics around the country, opened a minimalist store in my home town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, directed races (from 5K fun runs to marathons), got local children excited about running, and most importantly listened […]

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24 October 2012

New Dr. Mark Video: “Going for a Run”

One of life’s simplest pleasures is going for a run outside. The late Dr. George Sheehan summed it up best: “Out on the roads there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be.” So once in a while let’s forget about footwear, performance standards, and high-tech gadgetry — and instead simply let your […]

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5 March 2012

Learning Good Barefoot Running Style

Mark Cucuzzella, MD, and director of the Natural Running Center regularly runs unshod as a way to strengthen his feet and legs, as well as improve form, cadence, and posture. This short training segment was filmed on location at the Antietam National Park.

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22 February 2012

‪Sh*t Runners Say to Barefoot Runners‬

Comic mastermind Steven Sashen has hit LOL-paydirt again with his follow-up video to “Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say.” In this sequel, the founder of Invisible Shoes examines “Sh*t Runners Say to Barefoot Runners.”  The NRC gives this really, really funny video Two Big Toes Up!

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31 January 2012

Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say

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19 January 2012

Stability and Mobility Video for Healthier Natural Running

I’ve often heard it said that you can’t fire a cannon from a canoe. The phrase seemingly dates to naval warfare from the 1800s, but the expression has been popular with fitness instructors and personal trainers who maintain that to “fire a cannon” (build strong arms and legs) you can’t do it from “a canoe […]

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27 December 2011

Running and Hollywood: A Compilation of Favorite Movie and TV Scenes

Lola sure can run....

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22 December 2011

Treadmill Rule #1: First Know How To Use the Emergency Stop Button

Action picks up around the 1:10 mark.

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27 November 2011

Gaits of Hell

We came across this parody video of common awkward running styles two months ago, and was almost tempted to repost it; but for whatever reason, it got backburnered. Upon a recent second viewing, however, it made the grade. It musta been the Journey soundtrack.

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13 November 2011

Nike’s New TV Commercial for the LunarGlide is Brilliantly Charming

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6 November 2011

Natural Running and Dancing the Lindy-Hop– Both Light, Bouncy, Soft Knees, Landing on Balls of the Feet

by Bill Katovsky. The running world is still abuzz regarding Chris McDougall’s piece on natural running in the New York Times tantalizingly headlined, “The Once and Future Way to Run.” And judging from the number of comments on the Times’ Well blog, it only seems that the Great Footwear Debate is in its beginning stages. […]

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29 August 2011

VivoBarefoot Kids Shoe Giveaway

On Sunday, less than 24 hours after Hurricane Irene roared through the region, the day was calm, the sky blue, and the sidewalk outside Two Rivers Treads in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, was filled with excited kids and their parents. They were there for the VivoBarefoot Kids Shoe Giveaway. Earlier in the week, I had sent […]

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22 August 2011

Before Apolo Ohno Ran in the New York City Marathon, the Gait Guys Checked Out His Form

Eight-time Winter Olympic speed-skating medalist Apolo Ohno has shown his athletic mastery on ice, then on the wooden dance floor when he won the 2007 “Dancing with the Stars” competition with Julianne Hough. In just a few months, it will once again be showtime for Apolo at the 2011 New York City Marathon. For months, […]

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19 August 2011

‪Barefoot Running with the Kids‬

Two Rivers Treads and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella present a short, high-energy video of barefoot running in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

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13 August 2011

Small Town with a Large Foot Print: Natural Running Video Filmed in Shepherdstown, WV

A short music video created by Two Rivers Treads kicked off Newton Running’s Special Event on Monday August 8 at the historic Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado. Before an invited crowd of 300 runners, company executives, specialty running retailers, and past running greats such as Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter and World Champion Zola Budd,  […]

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9 August 2011

Barefoot Angie Bee and Her Four Boys

A short, sweet video with Barefoot Angie Bee and her four boys. Her oldest son Samson taught himself how to play the ukulele and created the soundtrack. Angie Bee, who is a VIVOBAREFOOT certified barefoot running coach, is also a new contributor and member of the Natural Running Center advisory board.

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7 August 2011

Nike Free Music Shoe

From Japan, comes this ingenious and creative video that marries the super-flexible Nike Free with electronic music. Bending and twisting the shoe produces varying musical sounds. The bass is reserved for foot-striking.

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24 July 2011

Trinity Outruns Agent Brown in “The Matrix”: Gait Guys at the Movies

The Gait Guys take a close look at Trinity’s running form with Agent Brown in close pursuit. See how and why she supinates–and what this means in terms of your own footstriking and gait.

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4 July 2011

Gait Guys at the Movies: Running on the Beach

Remember that English running flick, “Chariots of Fire,” from the early 80s? Surely, you recall the can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head Vangelis title sound track. Quick plot summary of the Oscar winner: Based on a true story, several young men run for England at the 1924 Olympics. They all come from different social and economic backgrounds. Footnote: In the […]

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4 July 2011

Cary Grant Runs for His Life in “North by Northwest”

The Gait Guys will be looking at running scenes in classic Hollywood movies. To launch this series, We asked them to examine Cary Grant’s running style in Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” when the mysterious crop duster chases him into the cornfield. Watch the clip first! Here’s additional commentary by The Gait Guys: “First of all, what […]

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4 July 2011

Barefoot in Bedrock, Part One

So how did early man run? If he was barefoot we have a fairly good idea. But studying the fossil record can only take evolutionary scientists and paleontologists so far. That’s where Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble can be of some assistance here. We asked the “Gait Guys,” Dr. Ivo Waerlop and Dr. Shawn Allen, […]

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4 July 2011

Barefoot in Bedrock, Part Two

In the second video clip, Dr. Waerlop noticed a slight improvement in the Barney shuffle: “His barefoot technique has only improved marginally. He initiates with a much better forward lean. His ankle rocker is improved, but not enough for him to gain traction. His arm swing is better, but he has a tendency to hunch […]

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20 June 2011

Saucony: “Stepping Into Minimalism – What To Know”

If someone asks you, “please define minimalism,” then Zero Drop highly recommends that you point them in this direction of this two-minute video by Spencer White, who is the director of the Biomechanics Lab at Saucony. He expertly explains minimalist footwear and some of the things you should think about before taking the less-is-more leap. […]

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