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27 December 2011

Running and Hollywood: A Compilation of Favorite Movie and TV Scenes

Lola sure can run....

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22 December 2011

Treadmill Rule #1: First Know How To Use the Emergency Stop Button

Action picks up around the 1:10 mark.

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6 November 2011

Natural Running and Dancing the Lindy-Hop– Both Light, Bouncy, Soft Knees, Landing on Balls of the Feet

by Bill Katovsky. The running world is still abuzz regarding Chris McDougall’s piece on natural running in the New York Times tantalizingly headlined, “The Once and Future Way to Run.” And judging from the number of comments on the Times’ Well blog, it only seems that the Great Footwear Debate is in its beginning stages. […]

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19 August 2011

‪Barefoot Running with the Kids‬

Two Rivers Treads and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella present a short, high-energy video of barefoot running in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

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13 August 2011

Small Town with a Large Foot Print: Natural Running Video Filmed in Shepherdstown, WV

A short music video created by Two Rivers Treads kicked off Newton Running’s Special Event on Monday August 8 at the historic Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado. Before an invited crowd of 300 runners, company executives, specialty running retailers, and past running greats such as Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter and World Champion Zola Budd,  […]

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9 August 2011

Barefoot Angie Bee and Her Four Boys

A short, sweet video with Barefoot Angie Bee and her four boys. Her oldest son Samson taught himself how to play the ukulele and created the soundtrack. Angie Bee, who is a VIVOBAREFOOT certified barefoot running coach, is also a new contributor and member of the Natural Running Center advisory board.

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5 April 2011

Will It Blend?–Two Nike Running Shoes and the Free’s Sole Get Pulverized in a Blender

Mad kitchen-scientist Tom Dickson has delighted millions of YouTube viewers with the all-powerful blender called the Blendtec. The whirling blades have destroyed golf balls, light bulbs, iPhones and iPads, and much more. In this video, the diabolical Dickson makes a foul-tasting, unSmoothie out of a Nike Air Max 90 from the early 90s, a sole from the […]

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4 April 2011

Barefoot Persistence Hunting on the Sea Floor

Man first emerged from the depths of sea as a fish with fins-turned-shortened limbs that over hundreds of millions of years evolved into legs. From these humble ancestral origins emerged bipedalism, and in the blink of a cosmic eye, humans have gone from Stone Age hunters and gatherers to rulers of the planet. So it’s […]

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31 March 2011

‪Nike Free “Scribble Men”‬ Commercial

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