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24 July 2011

Trinity Outruns Agent Brown in “The Matrix”: Gait Guys at the Movies

The Gait Guys take a close look at Trinity’s running form with Agent Brown in close pursuit. See how and why she supinates–and what this means in terms of your own footstriking and gait.

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4 July 2011

Gait Guys at the Movies: Running on the Beach

Remember that English running flick, “Chariots of Fire,” from the early 80s? Surely, you recall the can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head Vangelis title sound track. Quick plot summary of the Oscar winner: Based on a true story, several young men run for England at the 1924 Olympics. They all come from different social and economic backgrounds. Footnote: In the […]

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4 July 2011

Cary Grant Runs for His Life in “North by Northwest”

The Gait Guys will be looking at running scenes in classic Hollywood movies. To launch this series, We asked them to examine Cary Grant’s running style in Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” when the mysterious crop duster chases him into the cornfield. Watch the clip first! Here’s additional commentary by The Gait Guys: “First of all, what […]

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4 July 2011

Barefoot in Bedrock, Part One

So how did early man run? If he was barefoot we have a fairly good idea. But studying the fossil record can only take evolutionary scientists and paleontologists so far. That’s where Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble can be of some assistance here. We asked the “Gait Guys,” Dr. Ivo Waerlop and Dr. Shawn Allen, […]

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4 July 2011

Barefoot in Bedrock, Part Two

In the second video clip, Dr. Waerlop noticed a slight improvement in the Barney shuffle: “His barefoot technique has only improved marginally. He initiates with a much better forward lean. His ankle rocker is improved, but not enough for him to gain traction. His arm swing is better, but he has a tendency to hunch […]

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