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6 April 2011

Nike Free Design — An “Evolution” in Thinking

Tobie Hatfield (Nike Innovation Kitchen Director) and Jeff Pisciotta (Nike Sports Research Lab Director) discuss Nike Free Design in this just-released video (March 2011.) As Hatfield says, it’s been an evolving process of learning ever since the Frees were first introduced in 2004, as Nike continues its research and study of “barefoot in motion.”

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5 April 2011

Will It Blend?–Two Nike Running Shoes and the Free’s Sole Get Pulverized in a Blender

Mad kitchen-scientist Tom Dickson has delighted millions of YouTube viewers with the all-powerful blender called the Blendtec. The whirling blades have destroyed golf balls, light bulbs, iPhones and iPads, and much more. In this video, the diabolical Dickson makes a foul-tasting, unSmoothie out of a Nike Air Max 90 from the early 90s, a sole from the […]

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4 April 2011

Barefoot Persistence Hunting on the Sea Floor

Man first emerged from the depths of sea as a fish with fins-turned-shortened limbs that over hundreds of millions of years evolved into legs. From these humble ancestral origins emerged bipedalism, and in the blink of a cosmic eye, humans have gone from Stone Age hunters and gatherers to rulers of the planet. So it’s […]

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4 April 2011

Running Relaxed and Efficient with Lee Saxby: Short Tutorial

    Looking to improve your running form in  just 80 seconds! This new gait and form video by U.K. barefoot running coach Lee Saxby, who closely works with VivoBarefoot, will help. Watch and learn, as Saxby offers a jazz musician’s rhythmic tempo-touch to a runner’s cadence on the treadmill: “1,2,1,2,1,2,3,4…”  According to Saxby, “As […]

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31 March 2011

‪Nike Free “Scribble Men”‬ Commercial

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29 March 2011

ITB Syndrome: Avoid Icing, Stretching, and Orthotics

ITB Syndrome is a common and quite painful leg/knee injury that can leave runners, triathletes, and even cyclists out of commission for months.  It often presents itself as pain on the outside of the leg, typically near the lower part of the knee. In this video,  Sock Doc (aka Dr. Steve Gangemi) discusses the reasons […]

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27 March 2011

Putting on FiveFingers In Just 10 Seconds!

Many ardent fans of Vibram FiveFingers bellyache about how long it takes to slip on the barefoot shoes. But leave it to professional sword-swallower and ultrarunner Roderick Russell to tell you how to get VFFs on your eager feet in under 10 seconds. Hey, that’s about one second per toe, or just over a shade […]

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27 March 2011

Nike’s Ode To Barefoot Running… in 2006!

This memorable Nike television commercial, which aired in 2006, was a witty, ironic homage to “Chariots of Fire.” It heralded the early beginning of the barefoot running trend, albeit in well-padded shoes called the Frees. This was three years before Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run became a national bestseller– and which really became the Big […]

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