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4 January 2016

How to Work on your Running Form

by Jae Gruenke, GCFP When a runner comes to me for help with their form, one of the questions I ask before looking at how they run is, “Is there anything you’re trying to do with your form when you run?” Honestly, even though as a running technique teacher I’m of course very vigorously in […]

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7 August 2013

Quick Tips: 10 Ways Barefoot Running Resets the Body

1. The feet become thicker and softer. 2. The skin, muscles, bones, and tendons have become more resistant to injury. 3. The skin becomes tough and pliable so it can shape around objects. 4. Running attentively helps to avoid hazards. 5. Form flaws are corrected. 6. There is more work in barefoot running, especially when […]

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13 November 2012

Elastic Recoil Is Like Saving Money in The Bank

There is a lot of confusion around the term elastic recoil vs. braking in running.  A critical feature of efficient running is a strong and stable base of support.  Without this foundation, there can be no efficient transfer of energy. Our tendons are highly adapted to storing and releasing energy under tensile strain.  Jay Dicharry […]

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3 October 2012

Go “Nip to Hip” With Your Hands

One of the keys to good leg action is what you do with your arms.  Your foot will almost always land under your hand, so if overreaching with hand in front your leg will overstride. Just observe folks when they are jogging. When the hand stays close to center so does the foot. Thus move your […]

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25 September 2012

Lengthen Your Posture as You Run…

This tip comes courtesy of my friend Lieutenant Colonel (Dr.) Dan Kuland, who, before he retired, was U.S. Air Force Chief of Health Promotion. “Lengthen your posture while running by imagining a helium balloon attached to your head.”

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18 September 2012

Don’t Overstride

Don’t overstride in front of you to go faster; this will wreck your knees and awkwardly stretch leg muscles.

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11 September 2012

Ditch the Chair and Get a Stand-up Desk

Another very functional way for runners to improve their stability and overall body balance is to get a stand-up desk. Many of us spend hours a day sitting in front of a computer at work or home. This causes the body to go out of alignment, and can even impair or diminish that end-of-workday training […]

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3 September 2012

Wake Up Your Glutes with “Run Away” Drill

The drill with the resistance tether is the “Run Away” drill and forces a runner to cue and engage the glutes in a “push” motion. Power in running comes from the glutes and all runners have them, they just need to wake them up and use them. No high-tech device is needed, just an old […]

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