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Barefoot shoes for running, walking, working and exploring

Amanda Loudin

Maryland-based Amanda Loudin is a fitness writer and running coach. Her work has appeared in Weight Watchers magazine, Washington Running Report, the IronGirl newsletter, and This Mother Can Run magazine, among others. She has an international following on her running blog, MissZippy1.

Amanda’s running and triathlon experience spans more than a decade and includes an Ironman finish and 10 marathons. Her natural running “epiphany” occurred after a particularly stubborn injury led her to search for answers to running injury-free. She now shares the natural running gospel with readers and coaching clients alike. Her goal? To keep fellow runners injury free and enjoying the journey of the sport.

And why the unusual name for her blog? Amanda explains: “I was first dubbed MissZippy by a friend years ago when training for our first marathon together. He was a speed demon on the track, but on long runs, he’d slow down while I picked up the pace in the final miles. His constant lament to me: ‘MissZippy, slow the #$%^ down!’ The name stuck and when I started my blog seemed the natural, easy-to-remember moniker for a site about running and racing.”

Amanda Loudin is a Coaching Advisor and Contributing Writer to the Natural Running Center.

Learning to run barefoot or trying to change your running form to a “natural” form is not something for the impatient.


Amanda aka Miss Zippy putting in some quality barefoot-running time with her two kids.


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