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Angie Hotz


Angie Hotz has been running barefoot for over two years and blogging about her experiences along the way as Barefoot Angie Bee. Numerous running websites, magazines, and newspapers such as Run like a Mother have featured her and she has been interviewed on the Living Barefoot Show as well as on Run Barefoot Girl .  She has been a contributing author on several sites such as This Mother Can Run.   She has been one of the original participants in the Runner’s World Barefoot Forum and has seen it through its branching off as the Barefoot Runners Society of which she is the Iowa Chapter President.  Angie is a mother to four sons and runs barefoot with them as well as her husband who is her training partner.

She first decided to ditch her conventional running shoes after being inspired to try a whole new approach to running after reading Born to Run in early 2009 and having battled chronic shin splints and lower back pain. After running a barefoot marathon as well as running personal bests in all other race distances she had previously ran shod,  she has decided that long distances are her favorite events. Angie is currently a nuun-sponsored athlete and worked for them promoting hydration in 2010.

Now a certified VIVOBAREFOOT barefoot running coach trained by Lee Saxby, Angie helps others get back to running the way we were meant to biomechanically. The weekend after being invited to take the coaching course by VIVOBAREFOOT, she ran 38 miles at Mind the Ducks 12 hour ultra. She used a combination of barefoot and minimalist shoes, believing that after learning to run barefoot she can now run in shoes when the temperature or terrain dictates needing footwear.

Angie Hotz is a Coaching Advisor and Contributing Writer to the Natural Running Center.

I see shoes as tools.  As Christopher Mc Dougall said “shoes are like clothing, apply as necessary.”  I listen to my feet.  I listen to my whole body and if shoes are pertinent then I put them on.

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