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20 February 2018

Arch Height vs. Arch Function

By Dr. Ray McClanahan Today we’re diving into a hot topic: Arch Height. Most footwear companies are talking about it, every shoe store or doctor’s office tries to fix it. So we’re here to tackle some big questions today. What does a healthy arch look like? More so, is arch height even important? Let’s start with […]

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1 January 2018

2018: Imagine…..And the world will be as one

Imagine …. Whenever I am in NYC I jog through Central Park West and find the Imagine Mosaic which marks the site where John Lennon was killed.  All who gather there are each imagining something. It seems we all want to attack each other and discredit the good work people are doing to create a […]

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28 December 2017

Go Tell It On the “Mount”ain

We often get emails that make us smile. This one from physician colleague Dr Jacob Hofer caught me by surprise in early November. Good Morning Mark, I thought you might be interested. . . our cross  country team won the class C sectional race (see below) and will be going to the state championship next […]

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27 December 2017

Jogging as Therapy to Taming the BEAST- the story of Two Rivers Treads own Sarah Hodder

It’s a pleasure to share the amazing story of Two Rivers Treads very own Sarah Hodder who in addition to helping community runners every day, achieved a rare ultra-running feat in 2017. Sarah not only tamed the BEAST series, she was the top female finisher!  Tell us a little about your sports/athletic background before finding […]

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9 December 2017

Reserve your spot now! Working with SteadyMD to build the world’s first primary care practice, completely online, just for runners

Runners and athletes are often not embraced with a sympathetic ear in medical offices.  “Stop running it will wear out your joints”, “you must take this cholesterol medication”, “you need these meds for life”, and other non -evidence based opinions can be imposed on you and you feel in a position of having to argue […]

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7 December 2017

Betsy Hartley a Hero’s Journey- From 400 Pounds and Severe T2 Diabetes to 100 Mile runner and Healed

This week I share the amazing story of my Oregon ultra running online friend Betsy Hartley. Betsy and I share things frequently over Facebook and her story is one that will change your life if you are facing similar challenges. Read on and you will understand the nothing comes easy, but if you believe you […]

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Wear Tested Shoe Reviews

Nike Epic React Flyknit is unleashed

We’ve shared most of the details behind the design and development of the Nike Epic React in our post, Meet the Nike Epic React Flyknit, late last month. This post is a quick review of what we think...

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Train with the new light and fast Skechers GORun 6

The new Skechers GORun 6 is the latest generation in the Skechers GORun series of 4mm drop lightweight, cushioned neutral running shoes. Designed for speed, it’s responsive, supportive and lightning...

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Taking the new Xero Shoes TerraFlex through the jungles of Borneo

The new Xero Shoes TerraFlex is a high-performance, true minimalist trail running and hiking shoe. Ever since thousands of Xero Shoes fans have taken their first Xero Shoes running shoe, the Prio, ou...

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Get wowed with the Altra Running Vanish-R racing flat

Altra's first true racing flat is here! The Vanish-R is extremely lightweight and flexible for a great fit and feel during your training and racing on the road or track. ...

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Carets Co (formerly Chronology LG) FER & ZETONE Version 4 now shipping!

Timeless Style and Comfort, the ZETONE and FER is interchangeable with multiple outfits and situations formal and casual. The FER and ZETONE are exactly the same, except for the presence or absence of...

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Enhanced Visibility and Weather Resistance with VIVOBAREFOOT Primus Hi-Viz

Expanding the Primus collection again, VIVOBAREFOOT introduces a light and lean movement shoe with a HI-VIZ ‘non absorbing’ reflective mesh. ...

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