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18 November 2017

Put Your Own Mask on First- LCHF, CrossFit, and Fireproof Badass Lady

Sharing this week an amazing story of transformation from a paramedic on the edge of health to 47 yo Firefighting true badass lady.  I met Tracy Anderson several months ago when she needed cardiac clearance to do a job which requires her to move 35 foot ladders by herself (they weigh 200 pounds) and haul […]

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24 October 2017

True Yoda Of Health Dr. Phil Maffetone Visits For Free Seminar Friday November 3 At Restored Charles Washington Hall

It is a privilege to host my good friend Dr. Phil Maffetone as he returns to West Virginia as we continue our mission to create a healthy community. Dr. Maffetone was an early challenger to the standard American diet and the food pyramid. His books in the early 1990s challenged the low fat diet and […]

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19 October 2017

Semper Fly! How to Run the Marine Corps Marathon 2017

Mark Cucuzzella MD, Professor West Virginia University School of Medicine, LtCol US Air Force 2006 and 2011 Air Force Marathon Champion; Co-Race Director Freedom’s Run Welcome to the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon! As part of the US Air Force Running Team, my Patriotic Marathon ritual includes 22 Boston Marathons and 16 consecutive, 23 Marine Corps […]

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15 October 2017

Healthy Running West Virginia with Dr. Phil Maffetone Nov 3-4

Natural Running Friends, Hope you are all have a wonderful and active fall. Not too late to join us for Healthy Running WV course Nov 3-4 (fri-sat) with my good friend and Yoda of Sport Dr. Phil Maffetone. Small course so register now . All proceeds from course go to our Freedom’s Run non profit . […]

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31 August 2017

The Hereditary Bunion Myth: Part II of III

By Dr. Ray McClanahan After reading part one of the Hereditary Bunion Myth, you are likely asking yourself an important question – If a bunion deformity is a non-hereditary, progressive dislocation of the big toe joint caused by footwear; how do we prevent one from occurring and progressing? The answer is both simple and difficult. Simple, in […]

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20 August 2017

Floris Gierman (aka Florrest Gump) on Getting Fast by Running Slow

Today sharing the amazing and joyful story of  internet friend Floris Gierman who took his marathon time from over 4 hours to 2:44 by embracing the slow 🙂 Just this weekend Floris (age 34) ran the Tunnel Vision marathon in 2:55 at a Heart Rate ave 157 (see his results here) Floris is an endurance […]

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Wear Tested Shoe Reviews

Feel the Ground, Not the Cold with VIVOBAREFOOT Primus Lux WP

VIVOBAREFOOT has extended their Primus Collection with the new Primus Lux WP (winterproof). The Primus Lux WP has been re-designed for the colder months, with their premium wild hide leather uppers an...

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2017 Wear Tested Gear Review Winners

Here are the latest WTGR Editors’ Choices for 2017 in six categories. As with every year end planning, some of the shoe models may be discontinued in the next few months to make space for updates or...

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Vivobarefoot Iffley Road running shoe collaboration: Primus Lite, Primus Trail FG

Iffley Road continues its collaboration with Vivobarefoot from running apparel to running shoes with the launch of two distinct styles, the limited edition Primus Trail FG and Primus Lite....

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Introducing Xero Shoes natural movement boots: Daylite Hiker & Coalton

The Daylite Hiker (Men's and Women's) is built on the same natural movement platform as their best-selling Prio while the Coalton (Men's only) is a casual Chukka boot that features a semi-distressed f...

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Training with the VIVOBAREFOOT Swimrun: Primus Trail & Stealth II

We introduced readers to the VIVOBAREFOOT Swim Run Collection last month and had the opportunity to put in between 75-100 miles on each of the two models: Primus Trail  Swimrun & Stealth II Swimrun....

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The Best Travel Casual Minimalist Shoe: LEMs Nine2Five

I reviewed the original LEMs Nine2Five almost 4 years ago and have put in over a few hundred miles on them since then. I’ve worn the LEMs Nine2Five for over 8 hours for trade conferences or for work...

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