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16 October 2018

Two Beasty Ladies From West Virginia Show You How It’s Done

Today I share the ultra adventures of two amazing ladies Sarah Hodder and Katie Nolan Thompson who make our local running community what it is today….one of the coolest places to discover your inner beast and not get hurt in the process 🙂  Just this year they co-directed an amazing intro to ultra, the Miners […]

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22 September 2018

Release the Hounds! Run For Your Life Book is live and Party Sept 29

Our friend and NRC co-founder Bill Katovsky used to say “release the hounds” whenever we would share a newsletter or ebook.  Bill sadly passed away before this latest release but in his honor I want to share a loud “RELEASE THE HOUNDS”. Thank you Bill for the inspiration we miss you 🙁 After 4 plus […]

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5 August 2018

Comrades 2018- Running with Comrades

When my friend Mick Brown floated the idea of running Comrades again in 2018 there was little hesitation to commit.  Having run the “up run” in 2013 one needs to do the “down run” to complete the circuit.  What was special was when my weekend running friends Bill Bondurant and Jared Matlick took up the […]

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30 July 2018

Join The New Aerobic Revolution At Healthfit University!

We’re happy to announce the long-awaited HealthFit University website is now up and running! I am proud to partner with friends and fitness experts Dr. Phil Maffetone, Tawnee Prazac Gibson, Ian Adamson, Jeff Vernon, and Robin Desjardins and have teamed up to bring you the best of the best in education, information, coaching certifications and continuing […]

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24 June 2018

Running, Walking, Farm Fresh Food, Fun, Community- Come to the First Farm Fresh 5k

This Saturday June 30 at 830 am join Bushel and Peck for their first annual Farm Fresh 5K! This isn’t your average 5k. Here’s how it works. You will be given a bag at registration and you will soon see why this bag is important. The race will start like any other but just as […]

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27 May 2018

In Memory of Tom Wolfe, Military Aviators, and The Right Stuff

“In time, the Navy would compile statistics showing that for a career Navy pilot, i.e., one who intended to keep flying for twenty years… there was a 23 percent probability that he would die in an aircraft accident. This did not even include combat deaths, since the military did not classify death in combat as […]

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Wear Tested Shoe Reviews

36 Holes Golf Shoes by Samuel Hubbard

I’ve played golf since I was 14 years old. Over the past five decades I’ve worn nearly every style and nearly every brand of shoe on the market from the stiff, steel-shanked leather shoes with me...

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TRUE Innovation

TRUE hasn’t stopped innovating. Their latest being their KNITs. At just 9.5 ounces they’re the lightest golf shoes I’ve ever worn. ...

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How do you recover after Running & Cycling? Topo Athletic REKOVR is it!

Maximize your recovery days with a feature set designed to stimulate and restore a fatigued body through movement. ...

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Samuel Hubbard shoes – how comfortable are they?

Bruce Katz, CEO of Samuel Hubbard, has been quoted as saying, "We make conventional shoes that look and feel great with lots of colors, and it’s getting people excited about wearing shoes again... O...

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Carets Co FER Cap-Toe Oxford, Oxblood, v4 Dress Shoes

I've waited a long time for this version 4.0 of the FER Cap-Toe Oxford from Carets Co. I last wear tested a pair of the original Primal Professional FER Cap-Toe over 4 years ago and I still wear that ...

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VIVOBAREFOOT minimalist shoes: Slyde, Kanna, Finisterre

VIVOBAREFOOT is celebrating minimalism this month and what's most appropriate are three models that are truly as minimalist as they come: Slyde Leather, Kanna, and Ultra 3 Bloom X Finisterre....

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