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Breathing Exercises for Runners, Part Two

Posted on 21 May 2014

Our trusted friends and sharers of natural movement wisdom, Sarah Young and Jenn Pilotti, who created the three-part video series on glute exercises for runners, are back with the second installment of “Breathing Exercises for Runners.”  *** Breathing Exercises for Runners, Part One by Jenn Pilotti and Sarah Young Humans can go about a month [Read more...]

Natural Foot Health vs. Shoe Industry

Posted on 26 February 2014

by Dr. Ray McClanahan. I was recently on vacation with my family in Hawaii. One evening, we attended a Luau, where nearly every native Hawaiian had beautiful spread toes and strong healthy feet. That is  not often the case on the mainland. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was related to the fact that they [Read more...]

Let’s Do Lunge: Dynamic Movements and Exercise Drills

Posted on 30 October 2013

Join me, my kids Leo and Lily, and my fellow movement teacher and Two Rivers Treads Education lead Paul Koczera, as we lead you through several exercise snacks that are demonstrated in these three videos. Do these simple dynamic movements and drills whenever and wherever you can. They can be done any time of day, [Read more...]

Breathing Exercises for Runners: But First, Are You Able to Breathe Nasally?

Posted on 20 October 2013

We run primarily with our legs?  So why is the Natural Running Center publishing a three-part video series (with accompanying text) on breathing? The answer is simple: Better breathing is the secret weapon to running better, feeling better, relaxing better, thinking better, being in better posture, sleeping better, and so on. Trust me here. Maybe [Read more...]

Book Excerpt from “FARMACOLOGY”

Posted on 07 May 2013

Please enjoy this excerpt from a new book called “FARMACOLOGY:What Innovative Family Farming Can Teach Us About Health and Healing,” from my colleague Dr. Daphne Miller.  Dr. Miller is a fellow Family Physician and we met a little over a year ago at an event promoting Nature Prescriptions.  Dr. Miller is one of the nation’s [Read more...]

Can Music Help You Run Faster? Dr. Phil Maffetone Says “Not” When You’re Actually Running

Posted on 10 February 2013

Many runners depend on their tunes to get through their workouts. Other runners never run with music, using the syncopated beats of their breathing or footstriking as their private cadence-like metronome to propel them forward. So, is there a right way or wrong way when it comes to music and running?          [Read more...]

One Small Step for Man…Proprioceptive Deception

Posted on 12 December 2012

Most of us during the course of the day seldom watch where we put our feet when we are out and about. Instead, we rely on our innate sense of balance and the neural-muscular connection between the brain and feet. It’s as if our body is on auto-pilot. For example, when you’re carrying a cup [Read more...]

Running and Asthma: Getting Healthy is the Best, Natural Treatment

Posted on 18 September 2012

by Dr. Phil Maffetone. Many runners often experience asthma. Yes, asthma is a common condition found in endurance athletes, and even occurs at a higher incidence than the general population. Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition characterized by episodes or attacks of impaired breathing. Symptoms are caused by chronic inflammation and narrowing of the airways [Read more...]

For Those Who Love to Run While on the Road….

Posted on 11 July 2012

Print out these (larger size), get them laminated, and you can have your very own personalized hotel-room doorknob cards. Source:  

Scientists Discover that “Exercise in Moderation is Beneficial!” Really?

Posted on 11 June 2012

by Dr. Phil Maffetone. I don’t keep track of which “health” lifestyle craze we’re in the midst of right now, but the odds are there’s at least one that’s grabbing a lot of current headlines. I don’t read newspapers or magazines, watch TV or listen to the radio. That includes almost all the same junk [Read more...]


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