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5 August 2018

Comrades 2018- Running with Comrades

When my friend Mick Brown floated the idea of running Comrades again in 2018 there was little hesitation to commit.  Having run the “up run” in 2013 one needs to do the “down run” to complete the circuit.  What was special was when my weekend running friends Bill Bondurant and Jared Matlick took up the […]

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30 July 2018

Join The New Aerobic Revolution At Healthfit University!

We’re happy to announce the long-awaited HealthFit University website is now up and running! I am proud to partner with friends and fitness experts Dr. Phil Maffetone, Tawnee Prazac Gibson, Ian Adamson, Jeff Vernon, and Robin Desjardins and have teamed up to bring you the best of the best in education, information, coaching certifications and continuing […]

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24 June 2018

Running, Walking, Farm Fresh Food, Fun, Community- Come to the First Farm Fresh 5k

This Saturday June 30 at 830 am join Bushel and Peck for their first annual Farm Fresh 5K! This isn’t your average 5k. Here’s how it works. You will be given a bag at registration and you will soon see why this bag is important. The race will start like any other but just as […]

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27 May 2018

In Memory of Tom Wolfe, Military Aviators, and The Right Stuff

“In time, the Navy would compile statistics showing that for a career Navy pilot, i.e., one who intended to keep flying for twenty years… there was a 23 percent probability that he would die in an aircraft accident. This did not even include combat deaths, since the military did not classify death in combat as […]

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3 May 2018

West Virginia’s Premier Running Camps partner with Altra and UCAN for Summer 2018- Register Now!

Camp River Runners Summer Youth Run Camps are back, bigger, and better for 2018.  We had a blast in 2016 and 2017 with over 40 young runners in each of our Middle and High School day camps. We are super excited about our overnight High School Camp July 22-25. We continue our Middle School Day […]

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20 April 2018

Boston 2018- This is Why We Run

In reflection Boston 2018 was probably one of the most enjoyable days I have had on the course (this was my 24th Boston) .   I had great fun with friends.  Lots of laughter at the conditions and finding the biggest puddles. But it was nothing for the runners like what it was  for anyone giving […]

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14 April 2018

How to Run Boston 2018- Going for 31st Straight Year Sub 3

Welcome to Boston!  Monday will be my 24rd running of the Boston Marathon and 18th consecutive.  I’ll be out there this year trying to come in under 3 and that will make it 31 consecutive  years of  of running a marathon under 3 hours.  33 consecutive years is the world record so my kids are keeping […]

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8 April 2018

April is Foot Health Month- Take Off Your Shoes and Walk

To celebrate April Foot Health Month something new and something old (and timeless). The living legacy of Dr Wikler is my good friend Dr Ray McClanahan.  Ray  is sharing what Dr Wikler so simply and elegantly described in 1961 in the book excerpt below (the book has been long out of print). For something new […]

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1 January 2018

2018: Imagine…..And the world will be as one

Imagine …. Whenever I am in NYC I jog through Central Park West and find the Imagine Mosaic which marks the site where John Lennon was killed.  All who gather there are each imagining something. It seems we all want to attack each other and discredit the good work people are doing to create a […]

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28 December 2017

Go Tell It On the “Mount”ain

We often get emails that make us smile. This one from physician colleague Dr Jacob Hofer caught me by surprise in early November. Good Morning Mark, I thought you might be interested. . . our cross  country team won the class C sectional race (see below) and will be going to the state championship next […]

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27 December 2017

Jogging as Therapy to Taming the BEAST- the story of Two Rivers Treads own Sarah Hodder

It’s a pleasure to share the amazing story of Two Rivers Treads very own Sarah Hodder who in addition to helping community runners every day, achieved a rare ultra-running feat in 2017. Sarah not only tamed the BEAST series, she was the top female finisher!  Tell us a little about your sports/athletic background before finding […]

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9 December 2017

Reserve your spot now! Working with SteadyMD to build the world’s first primary care practice, completely online, just for runners

Runners and athletes are often not embraced with a sympathetic ear in medical offices.  “Stop running it will wear out your joints”, “you must take this cholesterol medication”, “you need these meds for life”, and other non -evidence based opinions can be imposed on you and you feel in a position of having to argue […]

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7 December 2017

Betsy Hartley a Hero’s Journey- From 400 Pounds and Severe T2 Diabetes to 100 Mile runner and Healed

This week I share the amazing story of my Oregon ultra running online friend Betsy Hartley. Betsy and I share things frequently over Facebook and her story is one that will change your life if you are facing similar challenges. Read on and you will understand the nothing comes easy, but if you believe you […]

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24 October 2017

True Yoda Of Health Dr. Phil Maffetone Visits For Free Seminar Friday November 3 At Restored Charles Washington Hall

It is a privilege to host my good friend Dr. Phil Maffetone as he returns to West Virginia as we continue our mission to create a healthy community. Dr. Maffetone was an early challenger to the standard American diet and the food pyramid. His books in the early 1990s challenged the low fat diet and […]

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19 October 2017

Semper Fly! How to Run the Marine Corps Marathon 2017

Mark Cucuzzella MD, Professor West Virginia University School of Medicine, LtCol US Air Force 2006 and 2011 Air Force Marathon Champion; Co-Race Director Freedom’s Run Welcome to the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon! As part of the US Air Force Running Team, my Patriotic Marathon ritual includes 22 Boston Marathons and 16 consecutive, 23 Marine Corps […]

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