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29 June 2014

Real-Meal Revolution

We all learn from our travels. By witnessing amazing accomplishments and the spirit of others trying to change the world in places of need, there is much to learn and appreciate. I recently had the privilege of returning to South Africa to teach an International Sports Medicine Symposium with Dr. Tim Noakes.  Dr. Noakes has […]

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19 May 2014

Interview with Gait and Exercise Experts Drs. Kevin and Heather Vincent

It is a privilege to share additional insight and expertise  from Drs. Kevin and Heather Vincent on the process (and outcome) of their position paper, “Selecting Running Shoes,”  for the American College of Sports Medicine’s  ( ) The published document was big news for all runners and walkers, as it represented a dramatic change in […]

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4 May 2014

Reflections on Boston

April 21 was my twenty-first running of the Boston Marathon. The week before, I wrote a Dr. Mark’s Desk’s piece challenging runners to be fearless on race day just as the bombing victims have been fearless in their journey back to health. At last year’s marathon, I had already finished the race and was with […]

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14 April 2014

Run Fearless in Boston

April 21 will be my twenty-first running of the Boston Marathon. That’s a pleasing symmetry, but I also know that I will be experiencing unpredictable emotions. At last year’s marathon, I had already finished the race and was with my family, safe in a nearby hotel a block away, when the terrorism attack occurred. The bombings […]

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26 February 2014

Learn Run Form, Rhythm and Balance on Motorless Treadmill

All movement, whether it is walking, running, dancing, or lifting, requires balance and symmetry to do it safely.  What we measure in gait labs looks at things the eye cannot see. These include specific forces, timing of phases of gait which are fractions of seconds, and the gait differences from right to left.  One of […]

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5 February 2014

Exercise and Health ‘Round the World

A common currency in the world is running and physical activity. A simple pair of shoes can set you free and take you on great adventures, meet new people, and share in the joy of simple movement and health. I recently spent two weeks traveling 25,000 miles and visiting three continents to teach healthy running, […]

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5 January 2014

“Healthy Running” Conferences and Courses in 2014

Join Jay Dicharry, Ian Adamson and myself  for one of our “Healthy Running” conferences and courses in 2014. Our courses are now approved for 16 hours AMA Cat 1 Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours. The three of us have been leading these medical-education courses for two years now. We have refined the content to create a two-day experience […]

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20 December 2013

You Have a Foot Size, Not Shoe Size

The Latin expression, nihil novi sub sole, which translated means “there is nothing new under the sun,” came to mind when I first come across Dr. Phil Hoffman’s study of feet from the Philippines and Pygmies of Central Africa from the early 1900s.  Neither group ever wore shoes. Their feet were healthy. As for the […]

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12 December 2013

‪Vivobarefoot Kids Shoe Free Giveaway 2013‬

Thank you to our friends at VivoBarefoot for supporting the return of the Minimalist Kids Shoe FREE giveaway at Two Rivers Treads in Shepherdstown, WV. The giveaway was held last month and like in years past, we were overwhelmed by parents and their kids who loooooove the minimal shoes and reject all others. Two Rivers […]

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26 November 2013

“1-2-3 Run” Form Skills

I recently posted a Dr. Mark’s desk piece outlining “5 Tips on How To Improve Your Running Form.” As a followup to that instructional article, here is a short, helpful video as part of the United States Air Force Efficient Running Project. As you focus on form, not speed, here are 3 steps to get […]

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17 November 2013

5 Tips on How To Improve Your Running Form

For the past 12 years, I have dissected and modified hundreds of shoes,
 taught running form clinics around the country, opened a minimalist store in my
 home town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, directed races (from 5K fun runs to
 marathons), got local children excited about running, and most importantly
 listened with all my senses –starting […]

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9 November 2013

Recap of Minimalism and Healthy Running

I recently came across this video of an interview that two West Virginia University journalism students Sean Manning and Robert Kreis produced. The Shepherdstown Chronicle ran an accompanying  article on Two Rivers Treads and healthy running. Enjoy.

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29 October 2013

Marine Corps Marathon 2013 Report

I ran my 22nd Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday (2:47, 83rd overall, 2nd in my age group to my Marine friend, Alex Hetherington, 46, in 2:42). I will respect the post-race recovery period. I was sore on Monday, but it was not too bad. I went for an easy jog with my dog. It was […]

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21 October 2013

Semper Fly 2013: Marine Corps Marathon Race Day Strategies

For a few nail-biting weeks, uncertainty clouded the future of the 38th Marine Corps Marathon. But it’s all systems GO! for 30,000 runners now that the U.S. government shutdown has ended. The world’s largest marathon without prize money will be run October 27 through the nation’s capital as scheduled. “Runners, we are on,” director Rick […]

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4 October 2013

Jamie Summerlin’s 100-Day Freedom Run Across the U.S.

There are runners, and then there are runners who push the known limits of human endurance. My friend and fellow West Virginian Jamie Summerlin is one of these amazing athletes. Jamie Summerlin is a Gulf War-era veteran, having served in the United States Marine Corps for six years. Currently, the Marine veteran serves as the […]

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