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22 December 2015

Take Off Your Shoes and Walk

In 1961 Simon J. Wikler, D.S.C. (Doctor of Surgical Chiropody)  published Take Off Your Shoes and Walk, a successful attempt to explain how modern shoes gradually acquired the characteristics that now prevent the foot from functioning naturally. Despite the persuasiveness of his argument, he is realistic about the difficulty of convincing his opponents that being […]

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21 June 2013

What I Have Learned From Barefoot and Minimalist Running

In June 2013, the second Barefoot Connections conference  was held in England, and most fittingly, it met inside  the prestigious Natural History Museum which is located just outside London. Several leading practitioners and thought leaders in natural lifestyle and barefoot activity (walking and running) gave talks there.  Family commitments kept me from making the trip […]

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15 January 2013

The Transition Shoe for Minimalist and Natural Runners

As we enter or transition into the first weeks of the new year, it often means aligning our personal goals with training and racing in the coming months.  So now is also a good time to summarize some of the basics about transitioning to minimalism, especially for those new to natural running and who what […]

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14 November 2012

Current State of Running and Minimalism: Where Are We Now and What Will the Future Look Like?

The following essay on where matters stand today with minimalism  –and what will they look like tomorrow — was penned by Blaise Dubois. It originally appeared on his lively, informative, and tell-it-like-it-is bilingual blog on running and injuries. Many of the old guard in the footwear, medical and running biz who are wedded to the […]

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29 October 2012

15 Misconceptions About Minimalist Shoes and Natural Running

by Jim Hixson. 1. There is no correct way to run. There is no perfect way to hit a forehand in tennis, or to drive a golf ball, or to kick a soccer ball, but the degree of divergence from the accepted norm in each of these activities is relatively small.  When you look at […]

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6 October 2012

Got a Minimalist Running Shoe Question? –Let Jim Hixson (“Voice from the Running Shoe Store Floor”) Answer It!

Wide Feet Question: I ask this as someone with ridiculously wide feet.  I have been a barefoot runner for 4 years now, and very much enjoy going naked, but I have become intensely interested in some more rugged, ultra marathons where having a foot covering will be important.  I’ve considered simply using huarache style sandals, […]

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10 September 2012

Defining Minimalism and Running Shoes: Bringing the Hype Back to Earth

Blaise Dubois is a physiotherapist and founder of the Running Clinic  from Quebec City, Montreal, whose multi-day course on the prevention of running injuries has attracted the interest and attention of health professionals, coaches and running enthusiasts around the world. Blaise also tells it like it is, as readers of his bilingual blog–French and English– […]

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28 August 2012

The Altered Meaning of Popular Running Shoe Terms: Third Installment of “Voice from the Running Shoe Store Floor”

by Jim Hixson –When you’ve spent enough time working in running shoe stores like I have (15 years), there are a number of common words and phrases that you’ve heard that are used to a fault by both sales people and customers. The main offenders are: “stability”, “structure”, “motion-control,” “cushioning”, and “anti-pronation.” Shoes that have […]

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28 July 2012

You Don’t Have to Run in Pain: Second Installment of “Voice from the Running Shoe Store Floor”

An early adopter of minimalism, Jim Hixson was the former general manager of an independent running retail store in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to currently being a running retail store consultant, Jim now writes a regular column for the Natural Running Center called “Voice From the Running Shoe Store Floor.”   — NRC *** […]

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9 July 2012

“Voice From the Running Shoe Store Floor”: Why Minimalism Matters with Runners

An early adopter of minimalism, Jim Hixson was the former general manager of an independent running retail store in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to currently being a running retail store consultant, Jim will be writing a regular column for the Natural Running Center called “Voice From the Running Shoe Store Floor.” Here’s the opening […]

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11 April 2012

Video: Runners, Are You Ready to Go Minimal?

The April 2012 issue of Running Times, in part, was an homage to a bygone era…the late  70’s when shoes were flat, thin-soled, and non-bulky. Moreover, the cover recreated the iconic image and cover pose of Jim Fixx’s “The Complete Book of Running,” which came out in 1977 and eventually sold over one million copies. […]

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27 February 2012

Enhancing Natural Pronation Control: Your Feet Were Designed to Do Just That!

When customers enter Two Rivers Treads, questions always arise about pronation. Many of them in the past have been labeled pronators by well-meaning employees at other running stores. Some claim that they have classified as supinators.  They want shoes that fit. They want to run injury-free.  Yet it’s not something as simple as asking them […]

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2 February 2012

How I Became a Minimalist and Went from Average Runner to Elite Marathoner (2:37)

Camille Herron, who placed 26th at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials with a PR of  2:37, has an interesting personal story. Years ago, she was a self-described “hobby jogger” with a top time of 19 minutes for the 5K. Then she got serious, really serious about running. She went minimalist. Camille writes on her […]

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24 November 2011

Where Are All the Women in the Natural Running and Minimalist Movement? 

Emily Snayd is passionate about running and even more passionate about attracting more women to the natural running movement. Ms. Snayd heads up public relations for Merrell’s Barefoot Running. And so, starting on December 1, Merrell will host a six-week series of digitalchats that address different elements of barefoot/minimal running and fitness. As she writes on […]

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30 October 2011

Sole Searching: What is the Ideal Tread Thickness in a Minimalist Running Shoe?

by Steven Sashen. To answer this question, let’s begin with a simple Pop Quiz: Which of the following fictitious shoes gives you more of a barefoot feel: a.) ASICs  Nuttin’-2C with a 10mm thick sole b.) Brooks Zilch-City with a 1mm thick sole If you answered B, you’re mistaken. But if you answered A, you’re […]

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12 August 2011

Toe Spring in Minimalist Shoes — Good or Bad?

by Jason Robillard. Earlier today, I had a lengthy conversation with Jesse Scott as we climbed up  to Devil’s Thumb outside Nederland, CO.  We had three pairs of minimalist shoes we were testing out, so one of the topics centered around shoes.Specifically, we were discussing the various characteristics that make a great minimalist shoe.  Jesse […]

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23 July 2011

ABC’s of Minimalism: Dr. Mark’s Reply to Jeff Galloway’s Views on Running and Injury

With all his books, coaching experience, training methods, racing achievements, and Ironman-like durability with just over a half-century of miles on his legs, Jeff Galloway is a respected fixture in the running community. And along with many other runners, I’m a subscriber to his email newsletter .But his take on minimalist running shoes in his […]

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15 July 2011

Ask the Experts: How Much “Time” Do I Need to Safely Transition to Minimalist Footwear?

Q: In the transition to minimalist footwear, am I going to get hurt? And how long does this transition take? Jay Dicharry responds: There has been a lot of interest lately in the transition to minimal footwear. Am I going to get hurt? How long does this transition take? Is this really better for me? […]

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4 July 2011

Running in Minimalist Shoes, But Still Injured? — It Could be Your Diet!

by Dr. Steve Gangemi ( aka Sock Doc). One of the most common questions I have been asked is, “Sock Doc, I’m running in minimalist shoes (or barefoot), but I’m still injured – why?” This question tells me one thing – runners think that if you get out of your over- supportive, cushioned running shoes […]

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29 May 2011

Newton Running: Transitioning to Natural Running Form and Shoes

Danny Abshire is the author of “Natural Running” (VeloPress, 2010) and the co-founder of Newton Running, a Boulder, Colorado-based company that makes shoes that promote an efficient midfoot/forefoot running gait. He has been making advanced footwear solutions for runners and triathletes for more than 20 years. The following article by Danny will help you safely […]

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2 April 2011

Desert Running in Vibram FiveFingers Improved My Cadence and Gait

By Coralee Thompson, M.D. I’ve been working out for much of my adult life, and since first meeting Dr.Phil Maffetone in 1997, running always included wearing very flat shoes. The past few years while living in the mountains of southern Arizona, we sometimes combine three activities that might include hiking, running, walking, biking and swimming. […]

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1 April 2011

How Do I Transition My Running to Minimalist Shoes?

by  Mark Cucuzzella, M.D. This is a great question and one I get asked frequently. There isn’t a set formula that can be applied to all situations. There is a big difference between transitioning to a Newton shoe, a pair of FiveFingers, or completely barefoot. Newton shoes have more protection than your bare feet and […]

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29 March 2011

What is Minimalist?

It’s to be expected that with any new footwear trend, a lack of consensus among manufacturers can often muddy the waters for runners. Minimalist shoes are a prime example of this happening. Nothing is to stop a company from marketing a shoe as minimalist, when in fact, it might appear anything but when compared to […]

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