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Barefoot shoes for running, walking, working and exploring

Dr. Ivo Waerlop

Dr. Ivo Waerlop  or “Dr. Ivo” as most people call him, is a 1986 summa cum laude graduate of the New York Chiropractic College. He received his post-graduate neurology diplomate from Logan Chiropractic College; he became board certified in 1990. Dr.  Ivo works with a broad base of patients including Olympic level, professional and paraprofessional running, skiing and cycling athletes at his private practice in Dillon, Colorado.

He is an adjunct faculty member for post-graduate education with the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, a life science faculty member of the Colorado Mountain College in Dillon, Colorado, and is on the post-graduate faculty of, an online post graduate education center.

He lectures nationally on foot-ankle and gait biomechanics, rehabilitation, acupuncture and beginning this fall, dry needling. He, along with Dr. Shawn Allen co-authored the textbook: Pedographs and Gait Analysis: Clinical Applications and Pearls and Case Studies {{{}}}, along with numerous articles on lower extremity and gait mechanics. They also founded “The Gait Guys”, a national and internet presence gait information resource and consortium. He is also the co-creator of “Gait Guys at the Movies.”

Dr. Ivo is an avid telemark skier, runner and cyclist (he has also been known to play bass in several bands). He enjoys spending his downtime in the great outdoors of Colorado with his wife and two sons.

Dr. Ivo Waerlop is a Health Advisor to the Natural Running Center.

Running shoes are often manufactured for ideal feet. The reality is that very few people have ideal feet.

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